Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Still Here, sort of........

Evening all

I am coming back.  Things are just very disorganised.  I think I have lost half of my possessions, they are in the house...... somewhere!

I just thought I would share last weekend.  Hubby won a weekend away through work to Silverstone.  Lots of drinking, not much eating, new friends and great weather.

The first night we all met up in the hotel and had the meal there.  I had crayfish and chorizo starter, sounds nice but sadly did not live up to expectations:

For the main I had duck with veg and taglatelli.  Obviously I didn't eat the taglatelli.  Yes, I know its spelt wrong.

Again, not really that impressed with it especially as the duck was very tough.
The breakfasts, on the other hand, were outstanding.  luckily I filled up on them as food on the second day was none existent!  :O
This is the chandelier in the hotel reception, very posh, and again the rest of the hotel didn't really live up to it, we were actually disappointed with our rooms, they were normal but if I was paying £200 a night, normal just wouldn't cut it!!!!

This was parked next to hotel though.  Shame we didn't get a ride.

This is the field that we had to walk through to get to Silverstone, the other side of the field, we then had to climb a fence.  We climbed a different one on the way back!!!!  I was wearing my high wedges so that was fun! lol

It was an excellent weekend and I loved meeting some of the other wives and we really hit it off so am pleased we went. 
I will be posting or trying to post more in next few weeks and when kids go back to school I will be back properly, I think I have lost weight (will gain in next few weeks though) but as no scales I cant be sure.  I did look stunning in my size 12 dress though ;-)
See you soon
Sal x

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Just Checking In

Evening all

So the builders have finished.  3.5 long weeks.  Am missing the banter ;-)

But this leaves me with so much to do.  The plan was painting all week, but as I have the kids sports days in the afternoon I think tomorrow will be ironing (a weekend of sun and 10, yes 10 loads of washing later I have a huge pile or 2).

Anyhoo, I weighed this morning after 3.5 weeks of not evening finding the scales, I have lost 5lbs :o go me! :-D

So that has spurned me on and I am planning an hour of brisk walking tomorrow, we will see.....

Hope you all enjoyed the sun and didn't are not bright red like me.

Sal x