Tuesday, 29 July 2014

In My Defence, it was Purple


I think I have walked the kids well last week and today, last week 30 miles and another 10 today. I made a mince beef wellington which was really nice, I took the pastry off my bit lol

I have had potatoes but in my defence they are purple. The chips were purple/blue and the inside was blue. When boiled they turned blue, when I mixed with cheese to make cheesy mash it turned lilac and when vinegar was added it turned pink. MAGIC POTATOES.  I wish I could upload a picture but not letting me.

Walking and gardening are top of the list this week.  Hopefully I will lose weight, walking alone not helped.

Sal x

Friday, 25 July 2014

Made It


Well we did it, 7 miles today which consisted of 3 parks, 1 skate park (that was a disaster) and lidl. I am so tired. Had to keep moving when we got home otherwise I would have fallen asleep.  I think the weekend will mostly be not walking and back to it next week.

B - omelette and bacon
L - ham salad and coleslaw
T - omelette pizza piled high with cheese, meat and veg

I am going to have  glass of wine when the kids go to bed £3.99 in lidl chardonnay so hopefully not too bad carbwise and taste wise.  And we are celebrating hubby's first week with him being told they have had lots of positive feedback. So thats good.

Why are the kids still awake, she should be knackered!!!!!!! Like me :o

Sal x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Are The School Holidays Over Yet


More walking today. Lots more walking. Six miles in fact.  That makes 17 miles in 3 days. And then this afternoon we played waterbomb cricket, all this and cleaning and baking buns. I am worn out,  this entertaining kids should be getting easier as they are getting older, not harder!!!!!

B - slowcooker breakfast casserole
L - ham, salad and coleslaw
T - had bbq so lots of meat! I didnt have the energy to make salad lol

Short and sweet tonight.  I need to sleep, we are trying for 7 miles tomorrow :o

Sal x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Just The 5 Today

Evening all

It was very cloudy today so plans to play water bomb cricket were put on hold. Instead we walked to 2 different parks and to lidl. Managed 5 miles. Aiming for 6 tomorrow ;-)

B - bacon and stilton, dehydrated peppers and dehydrated tomatoes omelette
L - ham and coleslaw
T - gammon, salad and coleslaw

I know I am eating a lot of coleslaw but I need to eat it before it goes off. The sourkrout is going well, but that will last longer anyway (a few months) so wont be for nearly every meal.

Going to try to beat 6 miles tomorrow although the kids will hate me lol but on the plus side my youngest is asleep as soon as is head hits the pillow :D

Sal x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Six Miles

Evening all

School holidays means entertaining kids. Hubby has the car which means walking everywhere.  So my day consisted of walking. Managed 6 miles today :o Am aching now and its onky going to get worse tomorrow. But we did manage to walk to shop (ice cream was the bribe) and then we walked to the beach, paddled, walked some more, picnic, paddled and walked before walking home.

B - breakfast casserole
L - peperami - wasnt really hungry as huge breakfast
T - chicken fajitas woth homemade coleslaw and salad

I bought a huge cabbage yesterday for 49p and used it to make a huge amount of coleslaw and 2 jars of sourkrout. Its surprisingly easy, cabbage and salt! Need to wait a few days to see what its like.

Think I need a nap lol

Sal x

Saturday, 19 July 2014

German Food

Evening all

Ok, so I was a bit naughty with tea, it was German night and we had schnitzel,  sauerkraut and potato and bacon salad.

Obviously I didnt eat the potatoes. But I am really impressed with the sauerkraut I made this afternoon, will find a proper recipe for it and make more.

B - greek yogurt with blueberries
L - omelette with cheese, salami, onion, dehydrated toms and dehydrated pepper.
T - German night

My secret weapon arrived today. We are down to 1 car so when hubby starts work on Monday we have to walk everywhere. The plan is walking to the beach, around half an hour, taking the dogs and a picnic in this my secret weapon,  my new backpack. Lots of walking.

Am looking forward to next week.

Sal x

Friday, 18 July 2014

How Is This Deprived


Oh what a lovely day, bright sunshine, until midday but we soildered on and had a bbq for tea. We do like a bbq.

 So todays menu

B - strawberries and cream, how is this way of eating boring and depriving me of nice food
L - apple and cheese (end of week using stuff up)
T - bbq, I had finest burger no bun, ribs, skewers, sausages, I was too lazy to make salad, naughty I know

But i have enjoyed my food. And strawberries and cream for breakfast, loves it :D

Sal x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

In My Defence......


So my birthday festivities are over.  I have indulged rather more than I planned but in my defence my husband made me a cake. The first ever cake he has cooked me in 15 years of being together

How can I not eat this masterpiece.

So its all over now. Foodwise back on low carb, alcohol wise tomorrow is friday and we still have some cider left from last weekend. Sunday will be no alcohol until the following friday at earliest, mil visiting so i think I may indulge.

I have ordered a backpack. Now that hubby working from monday and we are down to one working car, I think days at beach with dogs and football and of course a picnic, hope it arrives soon. Lots of walking, playing football and mucky tired out kids, what more do you want during school holidays. Am looking forward to it.

Sal x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Just Going to Write This Week off


I have been good, mostly ;-)

But we had guests for a party on Saturday and visitors for weekend so lots of cider and its my birthday this week so cake, and next weekend is last weekend before hubby starts working and we have some leftover cider......

So like I said a write off but not because of everyday food. I am still making low carb food, its the cider and birthday cake and chocolate that I have been given that will do the damage. Best enjoy it whilst I can.....

Sal x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ooopppsssss Chinese but Good Excuse


Ok so hubby went for interview today and got the job. Yay, go hubby. I am so relieved. We can afford to pay bills, eat better although not been doing bad, and maybe save a bit for emergencies.

So we are having wine and we had chinese, hubbies choice.

I am so happy.  And yes I am still on a budget as not earning that much lol but can sleep better in the knowledge we can pay our mortgage :D

Sal x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New App

Evening all

In my fight to lose weight I now have a new app on my phone.  Its a walking one that will tell me how far, calories burned and speed. Will see how can walk tomorrow.

B - greek yogurt with strawberries
L - cheese, onion and salami omelette
T - pack of peanuts (kids out and I couldnt be bothered to cook)

Since downloading the app before youthy i have walked 1.4 miles. And a school run.  Cant wait to check it tomorrow lol

Sal x

Monday, 7 July 2014

And back on it goes

Evening all

Yet again real life has gotten in the way, my 3 lb loss from last week has piled straight back on again. But it was worth it. We went to Silverstone to watch the grand prix, it was amazing, we had such a brilliant time. I stuck to low carb with food but may have over indulged on the cider and wine front. Ah well, back to it today.

B - greek yogurt with strawberries
L - stilton omelette
T - chicken with salad

I did manage a fair bit of walking at the weekend but largely due to the VIP shuttle parking 2 miles away from the entrance so we had to much to hubby's disgust :D I even managed to get him to walk back to the campsite on the sunday, 5 miles :o

Still tired from the drive and the weekend shenanigans so an early night is in order.

Sal x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Stocked Up

Evening all

Today was a bit expensive, stocked up on meat in farmfoods. I got chicken, gammon and lamb. Should last a while with  everything else we have in. Morrisons are doing a £5 free fruit and veg voucher in Thursdays The Sun. I am thinking of getting 3. 1 to use on Thursday as will need salad then and 2 for Saturday,  1 on the way into town to take the kids to a film and 1 on the way home. If nothing else I can buy stuff to dehydrate.

Talking of dehydrating,  this morning I put in bacon jerky and beef jerky using the mince. It all worked even the kids like it, darn it! Lol currently I am doing fresh beetroot and strawberries that my friend gave me and to fill up space some apples. Will all be ready in the morning I hope :D

B - greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries
L - chicken salad
T - gammon with salad

I have drank around 3 oint of water, walked on 2 school runs, 1 dog walk and 2 youthy/dog walks. Both dogs are now snoring lol

Think I will scrub my hands again,  they are still pink from the beetroot.

Sal x