Friday, 6 December 2013

Still Working.......

Evening all

Still no virus, could it be, have I actually got rid of it!!!! :o

Well, its a funny old time for us.  My husband's last day of work (redundancy) is on 20th December, how nice of them to give him Christmas off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, because we have had this news hubby wanted pizza (50% off and paid for with ebay sales).  I joined in.  I didn't feel that I couldn't given the circumstances because a) its what he wanted, b) we cant afford to do this again, am off to butchers Monday to stock on up loads and loads of meat and c) it was gert lush.  Although I do feel bloated and I know I will suffer later. 

Major budgeting in new year which will be interesting as, fingers crossed, I will be working and hubby will be doing the shopping and cooking :o  But we will certainly be using the skills I have picked up feeding us all healthy for around £150 for 4 weeks.

Have an excellent weekend, mine will be filled with bacon, roast, pigs in blanket and anything else I can get my hands on, no doubt.  I will report back Monday with my goodies from the out of town butchers.

Sal x

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Is It Working, Am I back??


Back again.  Mega super virus scan every day and nothing, quick scan earlier and its fixed!  Typical!

So last month I went over budget £155/£150.  But I did get BOGOF chicken in Tesco and the £4 beef in Asda.  So am not disappointed with that.

I am not budgeting this month.  We were meant to be away for 9 days over Christmas and another 3 over new year, things have changed.  I am going to buy far too much chocolate and a turkey crown and lots of goodies.  Hopefully I can get most of it cheap!!!!

Anyway, another lb lost.  4 more to go!!  Although I do appreciate Christmas is going to be a huge hindrance in that!!!

Wonder how long my lappy will be virus free this time.  I hope to be back tomorrow.

Sal x