Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wow, Am I Actually Learning

Evening all

So, I cooked another chinese, beef in batter. It was really nice and I didnt have batter. I am quite amazed with myself that I resisted but considering how much pain I was in, it should be the norm.

I am not losing weight at the moment, lots of walking, eating good carbs, I cant seem to lose but I am enjoying my food and just need to walk a bit faster I think to burn the fat.

I was quite pleased with myself, I bought a gert big cabbage the other day, had half left.  Today I bought a large carrot and a bunch of spring onions. Added coleslaw mayo and mustard and jobs a goodun, a massive bowl of coleslaw for 92p. I have aleady had it with 2 meals, recon I have enough for 4ish more at least (or I hope).

Have a good evening x

Sunday, 9 November 2014

If it werent for those pesky kids lol


Today was going well until my 8 year old daughter decided to cook, BUT she wanted to do it,with no help, obviously I did the oven bit and watched but she made yorkshire pudding and cake

I had the smallest slither of cake and a tiny bit of yorkshire pud.  How could I not when my little mini me made them, and they were worth the carbs. She did so well and am so proud that she can make a darn good cake ;-)

But apart from that I have had bacon, strawberries, salad, veg, chicken and chicken skin :D so alls good!

Sal x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

So very Very Wrong

Afternoon all

Remember my pork balls on Thursday,  ok for an occasional treat? NO NO NO, by the time I went to bed I was so bloated, I put on 3lbs :o and I am still bloated with a tender belly 2 days later so no, no occasional treat is worth that, unless its chocolate ;-)

Back on track yesterday and today, drinking water to try to reduce the bloating and never eating batter again!

Fakeaway kebab for tea with lots of salad for me.  :D

Have a good weekend

Sal x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

eeeekkk but it could have been worse


For tea tonight I made fakeaway chinese.  Was gert lush and so cheap, was £2.01 for 5 of us but was a tad high carb.

I had battered ( :D ) pork balls and a huge amount of stir fry, broccoli,  cabbage, onion, carrot and peppers, and I had 1 prawn cracker. I also cooked noodles for everyone else. Am totally stuffed now. And I know I will regret the batter later but it was so nice as an occasional treat and could have been worse, I could have had noodles and more prawn crackers or bought chinese :o

Think I need a nap lol

Sal x

Monday, 3 November 2014

So Easy and Tasty


So the kids did meal plan this week and today was leftover chicken and leftover pepperoni pasta bake. Obviously I couldn't have that so I raided the freezer.  Carrots, onion, green beans and peppers, chicken and pepperoni a little bit of white sauce, topped with stilton and mature cheddar.  Gert lush!

Going to try making crispy green beans tomorrow.

Have a good one.

Sal x

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Healthy Low Carb Snack


So, pumpkins, or more precisely pumpkin seeds. The kids carved their pumpkins for halloween, I saved the seeds.

I cleaned, mixed 1 lot with olive oil, salt and 5 spice and the other lot with olive oil, salt and chilli peppers. And roasted for 15 mins. Just had the 5 spice and the kids loved it. I dont think they will like the chilli though so they are all mine lol even the hubby who turned his nose up at them said they were nice. A healthy snack the kids like!! :o

I also made spiced crab apple chutney. Saving that for xmas as way to high for a normal day lol

Hubby making tea, burgers, am guessing the only side will be chips so good job I have my chilli seeds for snacking later :D

And I have 5 seeds left for growing next year, now just need to find cheap pumpkins until then!

Have a good one

Sal x