Monday, 29 September 2014

Wow, Who'd Have Thought


So, its been a while. I have been eating lots of yummy food, including lots of fruit, I am walking an average of 10 miles a day and still wearing my red lippy ;-)

And the result of this, I have lost 5lbs  :o

And all this on a budget. Which means some of my choices are shocking for a low carb diet. For example, I now eat fruit for breakfast as apparently its easier to digest, fruit is expensive except when you find it whoopsie and then its usually bananas. So I have been eating bananas.  Good carbs. I did get lucky last week and was able to buy courgettes, peppers and plums for 25p a pack. Result!

Tomorrow is payday so I will be off to lidl after the school run and buying lots of fruit and veg. But until then I have to manage on what I have.

B - bananas and apples
L - Mediterranean veg in tomato based sauce recipe below
T - roast chicken with broccoli,  cabbage and carrots

I know jars are easy but they are high carb and contain nasties. So make your own if possible. My tomato sauce today was half a tin toms (might try with reals ones tomorrow) garlic, onion and herbs. Fry the garlic and onion, add toms and herbs and when cooked use, you can even use a blender for a smooth sauce, ideal for pizzas. I just chucked it over my frozen veg, courgette, peppers, onion and a bit of meat, in oven for half an hour, bit of cheese on top, another 10 mins and bosh, this

Good healthy delicious food.

And I do feel so much better this way of eating so am happy to keep eating fruit although will try to avoid bananas where possible. 

Sal x

Monday, 15 September 2014

Why Do I Do It


Had a major baking session today, made chocolate bourbons, banana breakfast bars and apple pie. I cant eat any of it lol

B huge omelette with bacon, sausages, tomato, cheese and onion.
L far too stuffed
T roast pork with crackling, cabbage and carrots

Then watched them devour the apple pie.

But at least thats gone, most of the bourbons are going into hubbies work and rest for lunch boxes this week. And I am sure the breakfast biscuits wont last long with my lot.

Sal x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

How Lazy

Evening all

Its been a funny old week with my parents here. We went out for a meal friday, chicken with salad, and had bbq saturday and another meal today, mixed grill and the kids had my chips as the kids meals were rediculously small. And the kids have been out for all you can eat breakfast yesterday and today, and lunch yesterday. Which is why I am lazy. Yesterday I was up at 7.30, couldnt sleep, went shopping for aldi super 6 after kids went out. Today, however, hubby gave the kids to mum and I stayed in bed and didnt get up until midday so my mixed grill was actually breakfast! Shocking lol

Got a really nice meal plan this week. Just need to avoid the biscuits my eldest asked me to make lol

Sal x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Aaaaaahhhhh and it continues

Evening all

After my naughty fish and chips last night, the pain has continued all day and only just stopped. I have drunk a few peppermint teas in the hope my belly reduces (sadly bloating doesnt seem to be why my belly is big, ah well, worth a try lol)

B - cheese and onion omelette
L - chicken and chorizo with Mediterranean veg
T - chilli beef stew with green beans

Kids chose green beans and yes there is half a cheese scone on my plate, and yes I did eat the other half, but it was small and did have a lot of cheese in :D I hope it wont effect me like the chips.

Sal x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A One Off!

Evening all

So this morning I decided to put on a posh frock, bit of mascara and my red lippy for the school run and I felt fabulous even with the extra pounds.  So my aim is to make more of an effort in myself and when/if I lose the weight then great but until then be happy in myself. I will be still low carbing, obviously, and enjoying it.

B - cheese and tomato omelette
L - chicken and chorizo with Mediterranean veg, was delicious

T - and this is the one off, I had real fish and chips from a real fish and chip shop, it was gert lush but definatly a one off, been having stomach pains for the last hour and my mouth is still coated with fat. So a nice treat, maybe to be repeated next year lol

Time to google something to do with the diced beef I have.

Sal x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Quality rather than Lowest


I was reading an article the other day about low carbing. It was basically sayong not all carbs are equal and you should got for the healthiest as apposed to the lowest carb. For example eating pork scratchings instead of green beans because they are lower carb. Obviously geen beans is the healthiest choice and it did make me think about how I view food as that is probably what I would do.

But no more. I am going to make more of an effort to make healthier choices even if it means slightly higher carbs. And I am not counting carbs per say, I am going to try to stick with lower carb veg but as long as its veg and not something like potatoes then maybe not worry as much. See how that works.

B - cheese and tomato omelette
L - cauliflower covered in a homemade tomato sauce with chorizo
T - chicken in greek yogurt,  garlic and chilli marinade with cheese on top and green beans. Here it is

Delicious.  Eveyone else had pasta as well in theirs. And everyone ate it :D

Sal x

Monday, 8 September 2014

And Relax......

Evening all

School holidays are over, can get back into routines and normal bed times.  :D

I am still the same weight. Cant lose it althouh am thinking the biscuits and cake dont help. But both of my sons had birthdays and I am darn good at making cakes lol

So back on track properly today except for making sure the homemade hobnob wasnt burnt, sssshhhhhh doesnt count when its quality control lol

B - cheese, tomato,  ham and onion omelette
L - left over spicy pork and veg thing
T - roast chicken and lots of veg

As you can see, I am lucky not to have put on weight lol

So no more cake!

Sal x