Monday, 31 March 2014

Ooooooppppsssss I may have over endulged....


Yesterday was mothers day, I was spoilt rotten, had chocs, hubby cooked, wine. So I am drawing a line under yesterday, starting a fresh today.

Breakfast - cheese and tomato omelette
Lunch - pork scrathings, was busy cleaning and didnt want to stop
Tea - chicken roast with parsnips, carrots, broccoli and cabbage, bit og gravy and I did have some yorkshire pudding but in my defence it was a beauty ;-)

Feeling stuffed now though.

Sal x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Never Trust A Skinny Chef


I know I am not fat, but neither am I skinny, I could do with losing that darned half a stone, but when I am this good at cooking and making blooming delicious desserts, that wont happen. I wasnt even planning on having any but could you resist this

B - berries with double cream
L - ham, cheese and tomato omelette
T - hunters chicken with salad and coleslaw and choc fudge pudding

Thankfully I have done quite a lot of walking and the pudding is now all gone so no more temptation, until I make it again ;-)

Sal x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Only Had a Tiny Bit, Honest Govnor


Am still being strict.  But then hubby made marmite and cheese scones and chilli cheese scones. I did try a bit of the kids so only had a tiny peice, they were nice, so how good am I. And I am trying not to moan that he used all the cheese and I need some for hunters chicken tomorrow.......

b - berries with double cream on
l - ham, cheese and coleslaw
t - beef in red wine sauce and bucket loads of veg

I have also walked a lot today, definatly warn the dogs out lol

Sal x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Must be Strict


I have been away and whilst lovely and almost low carb I have a pudding, ok, I had 2 :o

But I am back and really must be stricter with myself.

breakfast - greek yogurt
lunch - ham, tomato, onion and cheese omelette
tea - piri piri chicken with coleslaw and salad

A good food day :D

Sal x

Friday, 21 March 2014

Not Surprising....


I have put on a few pounds this week.  As I said before, hubby has been cooking so Monday we had posh burgers (with crackers in) and sweet potato chips, Tuesday as bbq honey pretzel chicken with potato rosti, Wednesday was a roast with lots of Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes and yesterday we had crispy honey chicken with potato and prawn toast.  I had to eat it as he did actually spend hours and hours cooking!  Shame he wasn't quite so good with the clearing up :o

Back on it now though and we are away so not sure how well I will do this weekend either.  But I will be doing lots of walking with my dogs.  The double lead I ordered hasn't arrived so will be individual walks all weekend. 

Have a good one

Sal x

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Where Has This Week Gone

Evening all

So, tomorrow is Friday, I haven't stopped all week and cant believe its nearly the weekend.

I have eaten some really nice food this week, fake kebab, Spanish chicken (jar but I do now have recipe) and tonight was beef in red wine sauce.

I have had the breakfast casserole most mornings and omelettes or salad for lunch.

I have even walked more.

Tomorrow I am having bbq pulled pork with coleslaw and salad.  Not sure about Saturday as we have visitors so may have a takeaway.  There will also be a few glasses of wine, will try to steer clear of the cider though ;-)

Have a great weekend.

Sal x

Monday, 10 March 2014

Carb Fest


Ok so not exactly a carb fest but very high for me. Tea was the roast I should have done yesterday so I did endulge in the crispy stuck on the pan bits of roast potato's,  lots of parsnips and carrots, stuffing and even a bit of yorkie pud and then a bit more!!!!!!! Shock horror!!!!! Was nice though ;-)

B - omelette with lots of stuff in it
L - pork scratchings
T - as above and lovely it was too

Having cuddles with my baby
Nite nite x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lazy Day


I am not the most energetic of people, I dont often want to clean but I do a fair bit every day if I think about it. Not today, I had a lie in then managed breakfast (mine as hubby doesnt cook eggs, he did the rest) then I made lunch and tea. Other than that I have not moved off the sofa, nothing washed, cleaned or hung up. Everyone deserves a day off occasionally, my husband gets enough!!!!!!!!

B - sausage, bacon, cheese and Onion omelette
L - pork scratchings
T - meat and cheese as I could just grab it out of fridge

So tomorrow I am working and catching up on what I should have done today plus everything I need to do tomorrow. Am beginning to wonder if it was worth it......

Sal x

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Evening all

Today chicken was on offer in Lidl. So off I went, got there early, got my six chickens (rearranged my freezer the other day) , got to till to be told only 2 so stepped to one side to message my mate to see if she was coming, and they swooped, like vultures, trying to take my chickens.  I then moved again and gave my spare ones away to nice polite people. The behaviour of some people is shocking and if we were not living on the dwindling redundancy money I dont think I would bother, but we are, so I do. Must remember to sharpen my elbows next week and join in the scrum with them, everyone for themselves..... or maybe give next week a miss.........

I dont know if it was the trauma of the Lidl trip or the chinese last night but I have only had tea today, chicken with salad. Having a glass of wine, note to self, no wine is better than cheap nasty wine - money saving gone too far again. I need to make my own, I have a home brew chardonnay kit that I havent got round to making. Need to make space and crack on with it. So next year then ;-) now, where's that lemonade.....

Have a good evening.

Sal x

Friday, 7 March 2014


Good Evening all

Major ooopppsssiiiieeee today, we had chinese for tea. Was nice and I had beef thing with veg and some prawn balls and a few prawn crackers.  I am obviously now bloated and wondering why I did it!!!!!!!!

B - slow cooker again
L - left over chicken, leftover gammon and cheese in mayo with salad
T - chinese

Just having a glass of wine and thinking about going to bed :o so tired!

Have a good one peeps.

Sal x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

I've Only Gone and Done It!

Good Evening

I think I can now upload photos on my tablet.  We will see.....

B - I made my slow cooker breakfast. New slow cooker is the perfect size for me and my eldest. There were sausages, egg, bacon, toms and cheese and here it is

Whoo hoo it worked although big, I can live with that lol
L - still full from breakfast
T - sausage casserole with turkey sausages,  onion, sprouts and carrots and for a treat I added stuffing balls, naughy but nice

I have a portion of tea left, think I will freeze it as still have lots of chicken and gammon in fridge for next few days.

Time to start putting kids to bed, have a good evening.

Sal x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Divine Apparently

Evening all

Is always nice to receive a compliment on my cooking and this morning my eldest told me my omelette smelt divine. How lovely of him and no I didnt share as it also tasted divine ;-)

B - chicken, spicy sausage, cheese and tomato omelette
L - celery sticks stuffed with pate and stilton (not both)
T - gammon with salad

I am really pleased with myself. Today I found a small slow cooker, ideal for breakfasts for me and my eldest, in a charity shop for £5. How perfect is that and it means I can make spicy mince for me when I make the kids bolognaise. Sorted!

I just hope I dont forget to make it!

Sal x

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Munchies

Evening all

Right now I am struggling. I have the munchies and as I have kids who still have xmas choc left I am really finding it hard. Just had a pack of chilli lime nuts which were lovely but at around 13 carbs for a tiny bag it was a treat also still so much better than the copious amount of chocolate I want to eat. Maybe I will just go to bed lol

breakfast/lunch - huge chicken, cheese, spicy sausage  and onion omelette
tea - piri piri chicken with salad
Snacks - chilli lime nuts

I managed 2 walks today with a tiny bit of jogging on both.

Back to talking myself out of chocolate ;-)

Sal x

Sunday, 2 March 2014

I Give Up......

Evening all

After spending around an hour trying to upload the photo on either my phone or tablet, I have given up and turned the lappy on. 

So, better late than never, here are the pictures of my scotch egg :D

So todays food

B - bacon, sausage and tomato & onion omelette again (not hungry for lunch)
T - roast chicken, broccoli, parsnip, carrot, sprouts and a little bit of stuffing (my treat)

I even managed a bit of a jog today, ok not really a proper jog, just trying to stop Ruby from jumping at my legs by jogging :D

I have prepared the chorizo meatballs for tomorrow so just need to chop a bit of veg, fry meatballs and onion and chuck it all in slow cooker before work.  Get me, organised :p

Sal x

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Usual Scrum

Evening all

Its Saturday today so off to lidl I popped for half price mince, only 6 as I was alone, but the queue was unbelievable. I arrived at few minutes before the shop opened and there were 20 people in front of me. That then meant everyone pushing and shoving even though there was plenty to go around. So I waited for a space, I really have no intention of joining them, if I wanted to do that I would play rugby. And the worst thing, it's whole chickens half price next weekend. I will be sure to take a sleeping bag and turn up the night before!!!!!

Today's food

B - sausage, bacon and tomato and onion omelette
T - coated chicken with salad, naughty but nice

I even tried a long walk on the beach today to tire the kids and dog's out. The tide was in so we went to the park instead and it seemed so did everyone else

Still not worked out how to post photos from my phone but I have discovered everything I take on my phone appears on my tablet. That's pretty cool

Have a great weekend

Sal x