Friday, 6 December 2013

Still Working.......

Evening all

Still no virus, could it be, have I actually got rid of it!!!! :o

Well, its a funny old time for us.  My husband's last day of work (redundancy) is on 20th December, how nice of them to give him Christmas off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, because we have had this news hubby wanted pizza (50% off and paid for with ebay sales).  I joined in.  I didn't feel that I couldn't given the circumstances because a) its what he wanted, b) we cant afford to do this again, am off to butchers Monday to stock on up loads and loads of meat and c) it was gert lush.  Although I do feel bloated and I know I will suffer later. 

Major budgeting in new year which will be interesting as, fingers crossed, I will be working and hubby will be doing the shopping and cooking :o  But we will certainly be using the skills I have picked up feeding us all healthy for around £150 for 4 weeks.

Have an excellent weekend, mine will be filled with bacon, roast, pigs in blanket and anything else I can get my hands on, no doubt.  I will report back Monday with my goodies from the out of town butchers.

Sal x

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Is It Working, Am I back??


Back again.  Mega super virus scan every day and nothing, quick scan earlier and its fixed!  Typical!

So last month I went over budget £155/£150.  But I did get BOGOF chicken in Tesco and the £4 beef in Asda.  So am not disappointed with that.

I am not budgeting this month.  We were meant to be away for 9 days over Christmas and another 3 over new year, things have changed.  I am going to buy far too much chocolate and a turkey crown and lots of goodies.  Hopefully I can get most of it cheap!!!!

Anyway, another lb lost.  4 more to go!!  Although I do appreciate Christmas is going to be a huge hindrance in that!!!

Wonder how long my lappy will be virus free this time.  I hope to be back tomorrow.

Sal x

Monday, 25 November 2013

I Will Be Back


On my phone as lappy still having issues. I am trying to get it sorted and I will be back soon. x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Yay, Its Letting Me Post Again

Good evening

As the title says, I haven't been able to post anything for a while.  Don't know what's been going on, have done several virus checks and then it updated something and now works!    I just don't understand technology.

So briefly, I have walked, ran (I was late for work lol), eaten well and this weekend had far too much wine.

My food budget is now £96/£150 and we are coming to the end of week 3, was £91 but I bought bacon and eggs at the weekend for my sister which came as a shock as the eggs were £1.99 for 6 :o to say I was not impressed would be an understatement.  I do have to go shopping tomorrow as we literally have no salad, bread and running very low on milk.  Kids will have wraps in lunch boxes and then they can finish them off for tea as I will do chicken wraps for tea.

And I lost 2lbs.  Only 5lbs to go now. :D  Getting there slowly. :D

So, back tomorrow, technology permitting.

Sal x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

More Carbs than Carrots! :o


I know its a bit late but better late than never.  I have just looked up the carbs in Kohlrabi vegetable.  I say its late as I had it mashed with butter with my tea.  It has more carbs than carrots.  Well, there's a shocker!  I wont be having that much of it again!!!

B - onion, pepper and tomato omelette
L - sausage stir fry
T - bolognaise (bulked out with veg) stuffed cabbage leaves with kohlrabi mashed with butter

I haven't stopped today.  Walked on both school runs and to work and back - go me!  Did some painting and loads of cleaning, was on a mission! Not spent any money either.  And don't plan to tomorrow instead, still got some salad stuff left for tea for tomorrow and a gammon joint in freezer that I MUST remember to take out tonight.

Sal x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Frozen Breakfast :o


Thought I would try berries and squirty cream for breakfast today.  I forgot (there's a surprise) to take the berries out of freezer last night so they were frozen!  Were nice but still frozen.  Must remember to defrost them next time.

B - frozen berries with squirty cream
L - didn't have time
T - spicy ribs with salad

Bought bread today for £1 and maltesers for hubby to cheer him up for another £1 so budget now at the start of week 2 £35/£150.  Not intending to go shopping until Friday and thanks to my lovely friend I now have eggs, cabbage, sprouts, kale and parsnips.  So maybe on Thursday instead of spag bol I might make stuffed cabbage but stuff it with bolognaise rather than taco mince.  Serve it with veg and pots for the kids and I still have some rabi stuff that I could make 'pretend' potatoes for me.  I could even make this tomorrow as I really want it now!!!! lol

Sal x

Monday, 11 November 2013

OMG The Pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evening all

I am in so much pain.  I painted 2 coats on the most of the walls in the living room today.  Still some to do but the majority is done.  But now I cant walk properly and get a shooting pain in my back when I try.  Walls look nice though ;-)

B - sausages (left over from yesterday) and some grapes
L - beef stir fry
T - piri piri chicken with salad

And on a completely separate note, I have been looking into making bath bombs, I have all the ingredients already so might give it a bash.  If, and I do mean if, it works I may make some for the kids teachers and ta's and put a scented tea light with it.  And if it works well I might make a few for family to go with all the other stuff I seem to have accumulated throughout the year.

Wonder if Jack Daniels is a good pain reliever.....

Sal x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Burnt Crackling :(

Evening all

Don't think I have stopped today.  Took the kids to rugby but got there late so missed the away game, need to find out why they are not texting me the fixtures.  So instead we had a huge breakfast and the kids played on the ps3.  I have spent the afternoon prepping/blanching veggies and freezing them. Am quite pleased with myself, I froze the onions on a tray and then put in a bag so not all frozen together, easy to grab a handful when needed rather than bash them on the side to get a huge chunk. 

And I have now got another freezer. My friend told me it was for sale so I went straight away and collected it, the lovely man put it in the car and hubby took it out of the car so I think I managed quite well ;-)  Its a small old and tatty chest freezer but it was cheap and does the job and it means I can go to the out of town butchers and buy a shed (freezer) load of meat.  I cant wait.  I want to go this week but I am working 3 mornings (hopefully 4) and tomorrow my only full day off I want to get he majority of the painting done in the living room.

Brunch - sausages, bacon, tinned toms and a onion, pepper and cheese omelette
T - pork roast with carrots, small bit of parsnip, sprouts and cabbage

Tea was lovely except for the crackling.  I do like pork but I only actually cook it for the crackling so was devastated that I burnt it.  It was my own fault, it was not crispy from cooking in the oven so I put it under the grill and forgot about it.  I should have left it in the oven for a bit longer! Lesson learnt!

I popped to Lidl today to get the pork chops as no rugby.  I got there 10 minutes after opening and it was all gone!  Shocking!  Never mind! Got fruit, salad, sausages (for breakfast), milk and marg and spent £8.  My budget near the end of week 1 is £33/£150.  A huge portion of my budget will be going on meat when I go shopping so I am going to try to only buy bread this week.  I should have enough salad for 3 days and then do something with veg on Thursday and shopping Friday.  will see what happens, you may have noticed, my life doesn't go according to plan very often ;-)

Have a good evening.

Sal x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Good Effort but Gave Up on the Lettuce

Evening all

I think I am buying the wrong lettuce. I have an iceberg at the moment and could I use it for my fajitas, could I 'eck!  I tried and tried, and ended up shredding the lettuce and putting the fajita filling on top :D  Tasted lovely! :D

Brunch - 3 rashers of bacon with a cheese, onion and pepper omelette
T - fajita filling with salad

Some good news, I lost 2lb this week, think its was the scary film lol  Only 7lbs to go to what I want to get to.  I know its taking a while to get here but I also know if I cut out the higher carb food ie peas, onion etc I know I could lose it quicker.  But as I am enjoying my food I don't want to cut back.  Maybe watch more scary films........

Have a great Saturday.

Sal x

Friday, 8 November 2013


Evening all

So, in answer to yesterday's ponderings, YES you do burn more calories when scared/nervous.  But not significantly more, you would have to be scared all day to make a difference.  Ok, so every time I think I see something move I think its a giant spider ready to eat me, wonder if that has made a difference to my calorie burning today :P 

B - ham, tomato and cheese omelette
L - pork stir fry
T - pizza omelette

Another shop today, bought bacon, veg, crisps, bread and beans.  Spent around £15.  Budget £25/£150.  Might pop to lidl tomorrow for the half price pork and may pop to co-op for a few shopitize cashback items.  Or I might just paint all day and not spend any money lol

Sal x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Does Being Scared Burn Calories?


I am currently sat here watching Spiders (2013) and as I am quite terrified of spiders I think maybe not the best choice!  So will that mean I am burning more calories watching a scary film than a nice film?  Maybe something to google........

B - tinned toms & sausage
L - pork stir fry
T - lettuce filled with mince taco filling with salad

I actually went shopping today.  I bought bread, milk, whipped cream, eggs, ham, pasta, apples, oranges and lettuce, I think,  I cant think straight with the spiders on the tv.  I spent £10.  My budget is £10/£150.

I am off to hide behind the sofa, or I would if I didn't think there may be spiders behind it! :o

Sal x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mmmmmm Burnt Gammon

Evening all

With kids rugby and clubs I have had little time today to actually cook this evening.  So, thought I would be clever, hubbys jacket potato in oven just before dropping my eldest to rugby and the gammon put in just before picking him up then drop kids (who ate earlier) to club then home for tea.  Sounds so simple.  Except rugby over ran by 20 minutes! :o  Therefore making the gammon very crispy!  Still edible though, just ;-)

B - sausage, tinned toms and cheese (all I had in)
L - sausage stir fry
Snack - pork scratching's, need more meat in my lunch
T - burnt gammon with salad

Running out of salad now, I do have a bit left so debating leaving shopping until Friday.  Although I do need milk, maybe a cheap Iceland shop tomorrow.  We will see.

So my budget is still week 1, day 2 £0/£150.

I might make chicken fajitas tomorrow but I have no peppers so could leave that until Saturday.  In which case, what do we have tomorrow!  I think this weekend I will sit down and do a proper meal plan so when I am working I can still make real food rather than just rummage around the freezer hoping for the best.

Where did the evening go.

Sal x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Epic Fail!

Evening all

Todays tea was meant to be pork, the pork I was given yesterday in my homemade bbq sauce, usually really nice.  Was in the slow cooker all day and when I checked at 4.30pm it was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted.  The kids were asking if they had to eat it! :o  No, no one will be eating it! So we had fish instead.

Day 1 of my new 4 week plan and the budget is £0/£150. 

I hope you all enjoyed the fireworks and your pets weren't too disturbed by them.  I think my little Rex was more disturbed by the hat I crocheted for him then by the fireworks!  He really does not look amused!!!

Sal x

Monday, 4 November 2013

I Actually Did It! :D

Evening all

So, its the end of my 4 week challenge and I didn't buy food today.  I managed it £145/£150.  I am so happy, I cant believe I have done it.  :D

On a more low carb/healthy note, I have walked on both school runs as well as painted 2 coats on my living room ceiling and my food for today:

B - ham, cheese and tomato omelette
L - pork stir fry (I was given the pork today and the stir fry was one of the 1p ones)
T - stuffed cabbage with salad.  I only had a bit of salad as I really didn't fancy it. 

Stuffed Cabbage Recipe (taken but amended from Slow Cooker Saddo's fb page)

Fry off 250g beef mince, 3 onions, 3 carrots grated, a chunk of kohlrabi grated,  taco seasoning and some tomato puree.  Whilst doing that boil some cabbage leaves for a few mins.

spoon mixture into cabbage leaves. and fold over.

Put half tin chopped toms in bottom of slow cooker, add cabbage parcels then pour rest of toms over parcels and then grated cheese.

I cooked on high for 6 hours.

And here it is (I did use 1 red pepper as ran out of big cabbage leaves)

It was lovely, even the kids liked it (they had jacket potatoes with theirs as well).  I am defiantly making this again.  And the best bit is I have leftovers so that will probably be my breakfast! :o

As I said earlier I was given a few things today.  I got cabbage, sprouts, kohlrabi and pork chops, they are the farm foods ones which my friend doesn't like and I understand why.  So am thinking of slow cooking the lot tomorrow with homemade bbq sauce and making pulled pork, should be ok done like that :D

Did I mention I beat my budget by £5?  And yes, of course, tomorrow is day 1 of week one of another £150.  Wish me luck x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Something Is Not Right......................

Evening all

So, nearly 4 weeks ago I started my £150 to feed my family of 5 healthy for 4 weeks.  I expected to live the last week struggling to find stuff with my cupboards almost bare!  The reality is my freezer is full, my cupboards are full and my fridge is full :o  It feels wrong somehow that I have this much food with so little spent.  But it just goes to show what careful planning can do (and getting lucky with whoopsies and friends giving me stuff)

Anyway, popped to Asda today, no whoopsies, they were all gone, got salad, milk, bread, cheese, ham and marg so spent £10.  Bringing my budget to £145/£150.  I have tomorrow left to spend £5 or not as the case may be, I really don't think I need anything.

So I will, of course, be doing it again starting Tuesday but this time visiting a butchers (I hope) rather than Farm Foods and see how that goes.

Sal x

Friday, 1 November 2013

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk Its a Witch

Evening all

So yesterday was sort of a low carb day.  I had bacon with cheese, tomato and pepper omelette, very nice.  But then I ended up having a few sweets at the 2 Halloween parties I went to.  And then my sister got Chinese :o  But I did just have the chicken in a veg sauce, was a bit spicy.  Very nice though.  Could have been a lot worse, I could have had chips and more sweets ;-)

Back on it today properly.  Bacon with omelette again today late morning and not decided what to have for tea.  Probably mince.

Hubby is away and my eldest son also went away today with youth club so let the other 2 kids choose what they wanted for tea (chicken nuggets, chips and peas) so I will do mine later.  With those 2 away it also means there is bacon left.  Oh no, more for me ;-)

In case anyone wants a peek, this is me dressed up for Halloween. (Please ignore state of carpet and walls - that is next weeks job)

Have a great Friday night.
Sal x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

And on a Completely Unrelated Topic, I Finished a Room..... Sort Of......

Evening all

I have not stopped today.  When I got up a fixed the kids breakfast then took them to football training, then painted, then picked them up, lunch, cleaning, setting up the pumpkins for them to carve, more cleaning/sorting/moving stuff, finding fancy dress stuff, took ds1 to rugby, face painting the other 2 for the Halloween party, took them to party, back to watch last 1/2 hour of ds1 rugby then took him to party, home to ironing, pick kids up, food even though they ate at party and collapse.

But I did finish my dinning room.  The sort of is that we need carpet, skirting boards painted when carpet pulled up and door and frame painted when skirts done.  We need money for carpet so all that will have to wait.  We also need blinds.  And here it is, can you tell I am really chuffed with myself for doing this lol

We have the gaming area, mainly for hubby but I have set up the wii for the kids on it as well, sort of set it up, not sure where all the wires go lol

And the eating area.  The patio doors open outwards so if the chairs are pushed in we can still get past no problem.  Might change it round again in the summer, will see how it goes.  I would like red blinds that match the wall.  Will start looking around. :D

Food wise, lots of bacon, eggs, salad, ham, cheese today ;-)

Sal x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

More 1p Stuff

Evening all

Another £15 added to my budget which takes me to £135/£150 and we are in the final week.  I did get lucky and got packs of stir fry reduced to 1p.  So I got 10 :D

B - bacon, egg and tinned toms
L - leftover sausage casserole
T - pork with salad

I have spent the evening sewing my Halloween outfit.  Cant wait, I am just a bit kid really lol

Have a great evening.

Sal x

Monday, 28 October 2013


Evening all

I am in so much pain.  My fingers are aching.  I know its because I have been painting all day (and yesterday), but I still need to moan about it ;-)  The dinning room ceiling and walls except the feature wall are done.  We will buy the paint next weekend for the feature wall.  The skirting will have to wait until we can afford carpet and rip it up. 

B - yogurt
L - cheese salad
T - sausage casserole

Tomorrow will be another busy day although I should probably go shopping as we are out of sugar, bread and nearly out of milk.  I cant be doing without my milky cuppa in the morning.

Sal x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

How Much for Paint.....

Evening all

After running out of paint yesterday we decided to buy more, always a good move when out of paint and lots of painting to do ;-).  B&Q are giving cardholders £10 voucher next week if you spend £50 this weekend.  So off we went thinking we might reach it and what else we could buy to bump it up.  Well, OMG, £30 for a pot of paint!!! :o  We got 2 cream coloured ones and 1 huge ceiling one for £60 as they were on offer 3 for 2.  We will go back when we have the voucher for the 'feature' wall paint. So that's my job for next week, painting as well as entertaining kids for half term. 

Brunch - bacon, sausages, tinned toms and omelette.
T - piri piri chicken with huge salad

We took my little greenhouse down today.  Was worried about the storm and hurricanes that are forecast so it is packed up for the winter ready to come out next year when I have lots of plants to put in it.

Sal x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Spent More Money :o


Well, my budget WAS going well.  Popped out and got more beans and a few other bits today so another £10.  Its now £120/£150.  Just over a week to go.  I know I can do it, its just hard to stick to a budget when there is so much I could buy.  I think I may have gone overboard though £20 this week on baked beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

B - yogurt
L - mince & onion with a bit of tomato puree with coleslaw
T - omelette pizza

I will be taking down my little green house tomorrow.  There is going to be storms this weekend.  But rest assured it will go back up next year so grow lots of goodies for me.

Sal x

Thursday, 24 October 2013

So Much Walking.....

Evening all

I have walked on school run, to work and back and then on second school run.  Thankfully my car was fixed for the asda run.  I got lots of beans (on offer), bread, salad, tomatoes, iron bru (treating the kids) and a few sweets (again treating the kids).  Spent £14 so my current budget is £110/£150.  Think we can manage on what we have in until next week now but may get more beans as they are my eldest favourite so need to stock up.

B - yogurt
L - leftover sausage casserole
T - pork chop with huge salad

And on a different note, what a lovely day today.  I am really hoping for another day like this tomorrow so I can get the sheets washed and dried.  Not holding my breathe though! lol

Sal x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Having a Beer! Sod the Carbs lol

Evening all

I feel like collapsing!  Busy day today.  Ironing and then painting.  The dinning room and living room are ready for the 'real' paint now :D  I am ready for bed but I am having a beer as I do feel like I deserve one especially as I got covered in paint (too much paint on roller when I did the ceiling) then got a phone call so the paint dried on me (face/hair/clothes) and then I had to shoot up the school to pick my daughter up, I was and still am covered in paint!

B - yogurt and raspberries, very nice
L - rack of ribs with cheese and coleslaw
T - sausage casserole - sausages with carrots, parsnips, cabbage, peas and green beans.  Lovely.  The kids wolfed it down.  I have a portion left for my lunch tomorrow.

My asthma is really bad tonight but I think that's because I was dusting before painting and the paint.  Just taken my inhaler so will be ok soon.

Sal x

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

5p :o

Evening all

OMG I got lucky earlier.  I went to Asda and they were reducing the veg stuff.  All these were 5p each - raspberries (my breakfast for tomorrow), 2 bags of stir fry (frozen in half bag portions as I don't think anyone else will eat it) and 2 bags of carrots (1kg I think each).  I got bread 17p and 2 pots of coleslaw.  :D  so another £1 added to my budget £96/£150.  Wont need any more shopping until Thursday/Friday.

And its day 2 of walking.  I walked the kids to school, then walked to work (luckily I got there on time) and then walked half way home before meeting hubby.  Also walked ds2 to youth club.  Was meant to walk more but rain stopped play!

B - yogurt
L - mince and veg
T - cheese and coleslaw (not very hungry and really couldn't be bothered)

We are having sausage casserole tomorrow, half price sausages and loads of veg especially carrots ;-) and I am hoping for more walking and painting.  Need to get house sorted as its now really depressing me :(

Sal x

Monday, 21 October 2013

Lots of Walking - Day 1

Evening all

Day 1 of my car being broken and I have walked on school run and walked to Asda with my old lady shopping trolley.  I didn't get much food, went for other stuff.  but I do need to add £3 to my budget for ham, veg and marg.  Budget now £95/£150.  I am all out of salad so tomorrow will be meat and veg.  Not sure I what meat yet though.

B - Yogurt
L - mince and veg
T - gammon with salad

Tomorrow I have to walk on school run and walk to work.  Not sure how long that is going to take me, not too long I hope as I don't want to be late.

Sal x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pork with No Crackling :o

Evening all

So my walking is now going to increase quite considerably.  My car has issues.  Cannot be driven until hubby fixes it which thankfully he should be able to do (fingers and toes crossed) So school runs/work/shopping will be walking.  Might actually lose this week then! lol

B/L - bacon, eggs and tomatoes
T - pork joint, it was whoopsied to £2.24 but I wont get it again.  Cook in the bag it was in and there was no crackling.  How can you have port joint with no crackling.  Everyone moaned!  Anyway, pork with cabbage, broccoli, carrot, cauli and gravy.

I took the kids to rugby today.  They loved it, I, however, did not love the clothes (and kids) covered head to toe in mud!  Clothes wash and kids in bath as soon as we got home. lol

Will be hoping for a dry day tomorrow (and the rest of the week).

Sal x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

8am on a Saturday! :o

Evening all

As I said yesterday Lidl have mince for £1 for 500g.  So I went at 8am, I was the only one up.  Got my 6 packs of mince. :D Shopping budget now £92/£150.  That's going up fast!!! :o

I gave the kids the choice of anything for tea and they chose red pasta so I had omelette pizza as it was easy to do.  Didn't have as much toppings as yesterday though but still nice.

B - yogurt
L - sausage, bacon, egg and tinned toms
T - omelette pizza with ham, peppers and sundried tomatoes

Taking the kids to rugby tomorrow morning.  Thankfully its not on early lol

Have a great Saturday night.

Sal x

Friday, 18 October 2013

Almost Worked.......

Evening all

Busy day today, work then shopping (as I was working near Farm Foods) then home to do paperwork.  I got 4 milk, 2 bread and a pack of grapes for £5.80 in Farm Foods.  So another £6 added to my budget.  Tomorrow will be more as Lidl have mince for £1.  You can get 6, I have got 12 when my daughter has been in front of me in the queue.  But as I am only aiming to spend £150 I will stick to 6.  If they have any left when I get there ;-)

B - yogurt
L - pate and cheese salad
T - omelette pizza, and it almost worked, only broke the once.  Here is a little piccy of it :D

As you can see only one break in it.  I think that is because usually after I make the omelette I transfer it into another dish and then add the pizza toppings and put in oven.  This time I added it all and put under the grill so only transferred the omelette pizza once, from frying pan to plate.  Will have to continue to do this.  Maybe I will get it perfect one day lol

Budget £86/£150

Have a great evening

Sal x

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Onsie Time!

Evening all
Busy day today.  Some lovely kids in crèche, bit older than usual due to the teacher strikes so schools shut.  Was great fun!  :D
Then this afternoon I have gone round the charity shops for my Halloween outfit.  For £7.50 I now have the outfit, although it does need 'Halloweening'.  But I have everything here.  Yay!  One job done!
Food for today
B - yogurt
L - leftover pumpkin soup
T - I made pork loin with brie on and a huge salad which consisted of lettuce, dragon egg cucumber, tomatoes, sun dried tomato, half a green pepper, beetroot and some packet cheese thing with 0 carbs sprinkled on top.  With mayo of course.  I did have a rather large blob of tomato sauce but didn't have it all.  And here it is :D

Really need to get on with stuff tonight but am so tired, got work again tomorrow morning.

I nearly forgot.  Update to shopping.  I bought a 25kg bag of spuds for £8 delivered.  Should keep the troops going for 4-6 weeks.

Shopping budget £80/£150

I will need to get salad, bread and milk tomorrow but I am working near farm foods so will pop in there as its cheap, might get some more grapes as well for the kiddies.

As the title says 'Onsie Time' so am going to change into the onsie I bought from Lidl this morning (£6.99) and veg in front of rubbish on tv.

Sal x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Think I have Issues

Evening or is it still Afternoon lol

I have been shopping again, don't need anything but..........   there was a glitch at Tesco so I had to stock up on special K cereal for the troops.  Spent £10 and got 15 boxes.  Should last a bit.

So my budget £72/£150.  Darn them glitches ;-)

I made my pumpkin soup today.  I put one of the defrosted pumpkin puree in the slow cooker first thing, added the 1/2 tin toms that was in fridge, 2 carrots, handful of green beans and the last of the onion from the freezer, added my mates homemade hot sauce and left it for a few hours.  Was lovely and got enough for tomorrow.

B - yogurt
L - pumpkin soup
T - kids are having their spaghetti with meatballs (I don't think they know how much veg goes into my homemade meatball sauce lol) and we will be eating later when hubby gets in so probably omelette pizza again.

Best clear up after kids then.

Sal x

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Whoo Hoo, found another courgette lol

Evening all

I haven't been shopping today, I was at work this morning and got covered in gloop and baby food, all is a days work for me.  Then I had to get some cleaning done and the recycling out.  But I did find another courgette.  So had a one pot meal again for lunch, onion, peppers, courgette, 2 chopped up burgers, tinned toms and hot pepper sauce.  With cheese on top.  Got the pumpkin puree defrosting to make my soup tomorrow.

B - yogurt
L - as above
T - as kids were at football/youthy they ate at 4pm and had spag bol.  So we had pizza (mmmm omelette pizza) for tea.  Obviously hubby had normal lol

So budget still stands at £62/£150 with nearly 3 weeks left :o

I need to scour the charity shops for a Halloween costume.  I have set my budget at £5 and don't mind making it myself but as I have somehow volunteered my services at the kids youth club Halloween party I apparently have to dress up.  So will see what I can get and what I can make!  Will try to steer clear of the usual witch outfit but could well end up going with that lol.

Sal x

Monday, 14 October 2013

Oh My........................

Good Evening

I have had the best tea ever! And it was a huge hit with the kids.  Chicken fajitas (lettuce not wraps for me) with a huge salad and one the salad I put my sun dried tomatoes.  In the salad I used dragon egg cucumber.  Very nice.  And I took piccy's..........

Here is the inside of my wrap.  Chicken, onion, peppers with cheese and mayo.

And here is my finished tea, huge salad, the second wrap went a bit wrong, but very tasty nonetheless.


So, I also went shopping today.  Spent £12 and got huge pack of ham, bread, eggs, milk, sugar, lettuce, yogurts, apples and some other things.  I don't need any shopping for a few days, hoping to go until Thursday or maybe even Friday.
Budget £62/£150
B - yogurt
L - another throw in the pan meal, I fried up onion, peppers and courgette with 2 cut up burgers, then added tinned toms that I had left from weekend and the hot sauce I was given off my mate today :D, bit of cheese on top, lovely lovely lovely
T - as above and the chicken, I used 3 breasts from the pack of 6 from farmfoods and there was loads of it.  I probably could have just used 2 but we are pigs (well, I am ;-) so used 3)
Back to my crochet.
Sal x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Just Shove it all in lol


Had a great day yesterday.  Very frugal.  Took the kids to the museum in the morning and had a fab time.  Then in the afternoon took them to my mates allotment to see her chickens.  And whilst I was there she gave me a bag of tomatoes which are currently being turned into sun roasted tomatoes which is so unbelievably easy, I can believe I haven't done it before.  I also got a bag containing sprouts, dragon egg cucumbers and courgettes.

So far I have used all but 1 of the courgettes by making cheese and courgette biscuits for the kids (a huge hit I might add and they don't know there is courgette in them ha ha), I also used 1 in my lunch today.  I cooked some tomatoes last night and doing the rest today so they are all gone.  Sprouts with tea and the dragon egg cucumber we will be having with our salads next week.  RESULT!

Sun roasted tomatoes - cut tomato in half, put on baking tray, sprinkle on salt, pepper, herbs and olive oil (the only olive oil I have is mixed with balsamic vinegar so that went on as well), roast on low, I put it in whilst I was cooking then let the oven cool down with them in and kept in when I cooked more so they were in for a few hours in a warm/hot oven.

So onto my title.  Just shove it all in the pan was my plan for lunch.  Was meant to be bacon, egg and tomatoes but we only have 3 eggs left and they are small so need all of them for the troops Yorkshire pudding later.  Instead I cut up 1 courgette, 1/2 onion, 1/2 green pepper, 2 tomatoes and shoved it all in a frying pan, cooked it up then chucked in bacon pieces and when cooked put cheese on top.  It was really nice. 

Food for today

B - yogurt
L - as above
T - pepper and brandy topside of beef with sprouts, carrot, cauli and broccoli and maybe a bit of parsnip.

Just to be clear about my low budget for food for 5 of us, I am NOT spending it on healthy stuff for me and giving my family rubbish.  We all eat the same except they have potato or pasta or bread with theirs,  I don't, that is the only difference.  Except when I make stuff like I did for lunch today.  They wont eat that but I do try! lol

Hope you have had a great weekend.

Sal x

Friday, 11 October 2013

Pizza - Low Carb Obviously!

Evening all

I have spent money today but that is not out of my food budget.  Not sure I can stretch it to toiletries as well!! So its not counted.   Still £50/£150.

B - yogurt
L - leftover stew
T - omelette pizza with peppers, onion, ham, pepperoni and a bit of sweetcorn on top. 

I really need to get motivated to paint downstairs so then I can set up the wii and start doing the dancing with the kids again.  Maybe this weekend...........

Have a good one peeps

Sal x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

I Love Lidl


So, as Lidl had cereal on offer and I have 3 monkeys who eat cereal, I popped in before work.  I love it there.  Here is my shop:

6 pack Tomatoes                       £0.69
Pack 3 Mixed Peppers               £0.89
2 x Cucumber (huge ones)        £0.90
Cherry Toms                             £0.65
Honey & nut cornflakes            £1.15
Frosted Flakes                           £1.15
Oats (500g)                               £0.39
2ltr 100% apple juice                £1.39
Toothbrushes                             £1.25

Then off to Asda.  I spent £12ish.  I am not going to list everything but I got 4 x cheese, 2 x mayo, 2 x tom sauce, 2 x mars funsize (for the kids), carrots, red onions, 2 x squash and some sweets for the kiddies, OK so I did list everything lol. 

So that's £20 today.  I do have to pop to Tesco for toothpaste tomorrow but that comes out of a different budget. 

And today I have eaten:

B - yogurt
L - leftover stew
T - Gammon (we had whoopsie and kids had farmfoods and am quite impressed with how big the farmfoods ones are) with huge salad.

We are all stocked up on everything, got loads of fruit/veg/salad/milk/meat/cheese and store cupboard stuff.  Certainly enough to last until Monday lol.

Updated money £50/£150

Sal x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Stew in Red Wine Sauce - Yummy

Evening all

Not spent any money today :D  Except for £1.50 parking to see the Banksy Exhibition at the Art Gallery - was not worth it!  Only 2 pictures by Banksy! :o

B - yogurt
L - ham and cheese salad
T - Stew in Red Wine Sauce

Stew in Red Wine Sauce - Recipe/Costing

Beef chunks - whoopsied to 79p
Mince (didn't look like much beef for the amount of veg I put in) - half a lidl half price offer 50p
Carrots - in freezer another lidl half price off of big bag 10p
Parsnips - bought the other day 20p
Kohlrabi - given it FREE
Onion - found at bottom of freezer 10p
peas - 3 bags for £2 in Farmfoods 10p
Green beans - same as peas 10p
Garlic - found in fridge when I cleaned drawer 10p
Red Wine Sauce - RTC 25p
Tinned toms - used coupon a while ago FREE

I then made soda bread to go with it for the kids (hubby wont eat anything in a sauce) that apparently cost 31p but was made with all store cupboard stuff I had in.

So cost of tea today is £2.24 to feed 4 of us with 2 portions set aside for my lunch tomorrow and Friday.  Cant beat that.  It was really nice and filling and my eldest ate twice as much as me! :o

Here is a picture of it after I put it all in the slow cooker:

I was also having a little think earlier about all my free stuff.  I mean the eggs and veg that I have been given.  These aren't totally free as I do give my friend stuff for it.  For instance in the last few weeks she has had 2 crocheted hats with another one on order.  So I suppose we are swapping rather than getting it for free.  Wonder if the butcher wants a woolly hat in exchange for a leg of lamb! lol

Sal x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Challenge..............................

Evening all

So a healthy low carb diet on a budget.  Have to include potatoes for the rest of the mob and bread for them. 

The challenge is to do 4 weeks on a budget of ................................. wait for it ..........................................  £150.  Of course my cupboards and freezer already has stuff in.  But this is the plan so will give it a go.   Forgot to mention, this is to feed 5 of us :o

Todays spending:


3 x packs of meat (chicken, gammon and pork)  £10
1 x pack berries                                                      £1
3 x onion rings (my treat)                                      £2
3 x pack veg                                                           £2
3 x 18 pack bacon :D                                             £6
2 x milk                                                                 £1.60
2 x salad leaves                                                     £1.20
3 x 2 chicken things                                              £2
potato waffles (not for me obviously)                  £2
3 x pastry (again not for me lol)                           £2
marg                                                                      £1
pork scratchings                                                    £0.89
grapes                                                                    £1
tub strong spreadable cheese                                £0.79

total                                                                      £33.48

Got a 10% discount so spent £30.   :D

I have £10 in my purse and about £10 in asda apg's (and some change but that will be used for kids clubs/parking etc)

So £10 to last rest of week.   I need to get cereal for the troops on Thursday so may pick up some more veg/salad in Lidl.

Today I was also given 12 fresh eggs, a huge cabbage, bag of sprouts and a veg that I don't have a clue what it is similar to swede I think.  And a bottle of marrow and courgette wine to go with the marrow wine I am already storing for a few months.

Food for today

B - yogurt
L - cheese/relish (I know, bad but I was busy)
T - pork joint that I bought whoopsied a few days ago with the free cabbage and sprouts and carrot. 

I found a pack of beef in the freezer so tomorrow that will be turned into a casserole.  I don't have any onion so am debating if I should pop to shop or just put in a few peppers.  I think putting in a few peppers will be the cheapest option.  So my stew will have beef, peppers, the veg that I don't know what is, carrot, parsnips and green beans and maybe a few peas as the kids do like them.  They will have theirs with mash, I will probably just have double portion lol

So week 1, day 1 £30/£150 but as you can see I have got a fair bit of meat/veg/salad.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sal x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Change is in Order

Evening all

So, I keep reading about people not being able to do low carb due to money.  "Its too expensive to eat that much meat"  "I have to fill up on bread, pasta, potatoes as I can't afford much meat"  Well, we have quite a strict budget and I still low carb so I thought I might add a few budgeting recipes or costing's to show you can low carb on a budget.

Take today for instance.  I had to pop to Asda and they had red peppers for 10p each.  So I bought the last 3.  I had one today for lunch stuffed with a chopped up fried burger (half price in lidl a few months ago that I found in the freezer the other day) with half an onion and topped with cheese.  Very nice it was too.   And whilst picking up a Tesco order for hubby I bought a huge pork joint reduced to £6 which I cut in 2 and froze.  Most people spend more than £6 on the meat for a sunday roast, I have pork for 2 Sunday roasts for £6.  Even hubby (ex butcher) was impressed with that one! lol

As I have quite a lot of food in I will try to do costing's of what I buy and what I know things cost me.  I do get given stuff free, the other week I was given a pumpkin and made a pumpkin soup which was lovely and cheap as the pumpkin was free, the coriander and peppers were in my greenhouse, the onion and carrots were looking a bit manky in the fridge and the stock I bought cheap and is probably out of date (oopppsss).  But the soup was really nice.  Not the lowest of carb but still low carb.

So low carbing on a budget begins......................  Watch this space .........................

Sal x

Friday, 30 August 2013

Just Popped in to say Hi


Quickie from me.  Got family coming so spent the afternoon rushing around cleaning.  And spent the morning walking.

Weighed, not good! Got a stone to lose again!!!!!

Have an excellent weekend.

Sal x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Yay, got Scales

Evening all

I picked up my reserved scales today.  Electronic ones £3.99 in Argos, thank you very much.  So tomorrow will be weigh in day and then lots of exercise and being really strict! lol

B - tomato and stilton omelette
L - ham and cheese salad
T - gammon with salad

Drinks - tea and water

exercise - running around, cleaning, a few walks, the usual

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

I need to think of some picnic food for weekend.  At the moment I have meat and cheese! :(  Needs more planning lol

Sal x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lots of Lovely Food Today


I managed to make a minion mug warmer last night so hubby snacked alone! :D  Although I do have quite a lot of nuts that need eating...... Maybe they would have been a better breakfast.

B - bit of cheese, slice of ham and a pepperoni (in my defence, I was in a rush to get dd to her day trip to the forest)
L - half a yellow bell courgette with seeds scooped out and filled with pesto cream cheese, ham, toms and topped with normal cheese and roasted.  Gert lush!
T - salt and pepper basa with grilled tom and peas (yes I know, high carb for me but so very very nice)

Drinks - tea, coffee and squash

Exercise - 2 walks and 1 of them I jogged a bit (chasing after the kids in their scooters lol)

Joints - ok today

Asthma - ok

Well, I think I will get my crochet hook out and start another mug warmer whilst kids eating their tea, might watch a film with them after they have finished so lots more crochet to be done ;-)

Have a lovely evening

Sal x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What to do with a Yellow Bell Courgette???

Evening all

Really good day today, was given peppers, cucumber, chilli, runner beans and a yellow bell courgette from my friends allotment.  Not a clue what to do with the courgette, either chop it up and roast with veggies or cut in half and stuff with something and cover in cheese, that will make 2 lunches.  Think I might cut in half and stuff.  Just need to find something to stuff it with.

B - stilton omelette with fried toms
L - ham and cheese with salad
T - mince and veg (very spicy, had a chilli in it)

Drinks - tea, coffee and water

Exercise - about an hour walking and will do another half hour in a bit

Joints - still achy

Asthma - ok today (I remembered my inhalers)

Worked hard this afternoon cleaning my car, inside and out.  The kids did well helping me (ok, I helped them, they did most of it) but still wore me out lol  Want to do stuff in garden tomorrow.  The rockery so that will involve me lifting lots of heavy stones and the kids getting all the grass/plants/weeds up and then me putting the heavy stones back!  Don't think I thought this through!!

Sal x

Monday, 26 August 2013

A Good Start to the Day

Evening all

I really do think a lie in and then a cooked breakfast is a pretty good start to the day.  It did go downhill from there are I then went shopping and then did some gardening and housey stuff but my breakfast kept me going.

B - bacon with stilton on top, 2 fried eggs, handful of little tomatoes fried
L - ate breakfast late so no lunch
T - BBQ, we had burger (no bun), ribs, chicken, prawns and pork with salad.  I know the sauces on would have upped the carb count but I think I deserved it today after gardening :D

Drinks - tea and cider (last alcohol until Saturday :o, maybe)

Exercise - gardening and 1/2 hour walk

Joints - fingers aching but I am putting that down to gardening

Asthma - forgot my inhaler this morning so was a bit wheezy but after I remembered and then took my nose spray for hayfever I have been fine.

Last week of the school holidays, I need to work out what jobs the kids can do, must make use of the save labour while I have it.  Tomorrow we are shopping then the kids can clean my car (insert evil laugh here ;-D)

Sal x

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Back from Holiday :D

Evening all

So, holiday, 3 weeks :o, am pleased to be home.  I have put on weight, but not too much, I tried to be good but I did eat the occasional crisp and too many salted peanuts.  I tried to choose the best option as if I didn't have anything I would have craved it and eaten the worst.

This is the view I had from the first place we stayed (my sisters static)

He came back every morning for his breakfast.
Then we stopped at Bristol.  This is my favourite Gromit from our Gromit hunting.

And finally South Wales.  I was stood in the chalet when I took this, we really were that close to the beach.  Kids loved it.

So I managed lots of walking, mostly eating well (lots of salads and bbq's) with the occasional slip up of kfc (not the chips obviously but the chicken and coleslaw)

Need to get back on track now, so I will be posting on here.  House still a state but cant afford to do much so wont worry about it.


Sal x

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Still Here, sort of........

Evening all

I am coming back.  Things are just very disorganised.  I think I have lost half of my possessions, they are in the house...... somewhere!

I just thought I would share last weekend.  Hubby won a weekend away through work to Silverstone.  Lots of drinking, not much eating, new friends and great weather.

The first night we all met up in the hotel and had the meal there.  I had crayfish and chorizo starter, sounds nice but sadly did not live up to expectations:

For the main I had duck with veg and taglatelli.  Obviously I didn't eat the taglatelli.  Yes, I know its spelt wrong.

Again, not really that impressed with it especially as the duck was very tough.
The breakfasts, on the other hand, were outstanding.  luckily I filled up on them as food on the second day was none existent!  :O
This is the chandelier in the hotel reception, very posh, and again the rest of the hotel didn't really live up to it, we were actually disappointed with our rooms, they were normal but if I was paying £200 a night, normal just wouldn't cut it!!!!

This was parked next to hotel though.  Shame we didn't get a ride.

This is the field that we had to walk through to get to Silverstone, the other side of the field, we then had to climb a fence.  We climbed a different one on the way back!!!!  I was wearing my high wedges so that was fun! lol

It was an excellent weekend and I loved meeting some of the other wives and we really hit it off so am pleased we went. 
I will be posting or trying to post more in next few weeks and when kids go back to school I will be back properly, I think I have lost weight (will gain in next few weeks though) but as no scales I cant be sure.  I did look stunning in my size 12 dress though ;-)
See you soon
Sal x

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Just Checking In

Evening all

So the builders have finished.  3.5 long weeks.  Am missing the banter ;-)

But this leaves me with so much to do.  The plan was painting all week, but as I have the kids sports days in the afternoon I think tomorrow will be ironing (a weekend of sun and 10, yes 10 loads of washing later I have a huge pile or 2).

Anyhoo, I weighed this morning after 3.5 weeks of not evening finding the scales, I have lost 5lbs :o go me! :-D

So that has spurned me on and I am planning an hour of brisk walking tomorrow, we will see.....

Hope you all enjoyed the sun and didn't are not bright red like me.

Sal x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'll Be Back

Evening all

Things are ridiculously dirty, disorganised and totally chaotic here.  We have lost internet due to broken cable, we have been without water and electric.

So, I will be back in a few days when things have calmed down and I can find the charger for my laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sal x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Again with the Fecking TV

Evening all or should that be night???

I am really getting fed up of having the tv in the bedroom.  When I bought my first house many many years ago I had a tv in the bedroom.  Part of this reason was because I wanted lodgers so I wanted to escape to my room and watch what I wanted if they were watching something else.  That was fine, rarely used.  But now hubby keeps putting the tv on, but its ok for him as he gets a 2 hour nap in the evening plus he gets up later than me so he is fine.  I, however, cant nap as I wont sleep at night and will feel even worse!  Might have to take the fuse out of the plug..... lol

B - crispbread with lots of butter on
L - piri piri chicken with salad and cheese
T - weight watchers sausages and salad (did not like these too much so wont be buying again)

Drinks - lots of cups of tea

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok but can feel my chest getting tight from all the dust from today

House is still chaotic.  Problems are causing delays (electrics) and my moans about tiles not being straight are probably not helping but if I am not happy then I am going to say something.  Tomorrows moans are the tile I told them about today is still not straight and the brand new bath tap is dripping!  Bet they will be glad when this job is over!!! lol

Sal x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Not Quite An Early Night...

Evening all

I didn't get my early night last night as we watched a film.  And then hubby decided to watch tv in bed.  I do not like the tv in the bedroom as when I want to sleep, he wants the tv on!  Ah well, maybe today I will get an early night.  I can but hope.

B - crisp bread with cottage cheese on
L - cottage cheese and salad, not much as I didn't get home until late
T - pork with salad

Drinks - not much again as I was out all day but have had a few cups of tea

Asthma - ok but am now worried about tonight as plastering was done today

Joints - ok

I got lucky today.  Picked up 6 packs of cheese for £1.15 each whoopsied and they went through the till BOGOF.  Was well chuffed, I went back and got more, got some for my mate who I then found in the shop to give to and told the ladies by the whoopsies that the cheese was BOGOF so they cleared the shelf!!!!  :D  Will be making cheese straws for the kids for the weekend :D

Have a good evening

Sal x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Why Am I So Tired??????????

Evening all

I had an early night last night, in bed by 10.30pm and asleep soon after.  I did wake up a few times in the night but I don't think I was awake for long and then woke up at 6.50am.  But I am really tired now and I don't know why.  Another early night, must try to stay awake until then otherwise I don't sleep tonight.

B - half a small melon and then a mouthful of cottage cheese an hour later as I was hungry
L - leftover pork and cottage cheese with salad
T - piri piri chicken with salad

Drinks - tea

Asthma - ok today

Joints - ok

Still living in a building site, new tiles look good in bathroom though so am pleased with that.  :D

Sal x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Ooooppppssssss Forgot to Set Alarm!

Evening all

No exercise today as I forgot to set my alarm last night.  Although I am quite relieved as I feel like I needed that extra 30 minutes.  I have been rushing around shopping though! lol

B - crisp bread with butter on
L - leftover pork and salad
T - Chinese pork chops with salad

Drinks - a few cups of tea and pint water

Asthma - ok today, probably because I have been out all day

Joints - ok

Got tiles in the bathroom now, not all of them but tomorrow they should be finished tiling.  :D  House still a state though :(

Got 2 melons today for 20p each.  They are small so I think 1/2 of one will be breakfast tomorrow.  Make a nice change from crisp bread.

Wonder if I will get up tomorrow. :D

Sal x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Roast Pork with no Crackling eh???????????????????????????????????

Good Evening

Happy Fathers Day :D

We had roast pork for tea.  Lovely bit of pork but no crackling, very odd and, boy, did I get moaned at for that one!

B - crisp bread with butter and jam
L - cheese salad
T - roast pork, a small bit of carrot, broccoli, cabbage and gravy

Drinks - a few buckets of tea and a glass of wine (well, it is fathers day)

Joints - ok

Asthma - bad again

We finished stripping the wallpaper in the living room and my daughter started on the dinning room.  But its just so full of stuff so need some of that cleared before we can do rest of room. 

Am liking my new bath, the water doesn't come out in one lot, it comes out of the tap in lots of jets, you should have seen the bubbles!!!  :D

Sal x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh Bloody Men!

Evening all

I think the title says it all.  Hubby is really annoying me today.  Started by him not actually doing anything when he got up and then he gave me a letter from the bank for his account saying he is being charged for going overdrawn and then he moaned cos he will have to phone bank.  Seriously! He didn't check his account when he bought a load of stuff on ebay so he does need to phone them and try not to have to pay it!  Am fuming!  With all the work on the house at the moment and that costing more than we have and he goes overdrawn by a pound that we are charged £25 for :o

B - crisp bread with butter and jam on
L - ham and cheese salad
T - not had any yet, not hungry so might just have some more crisp bread later

Drinks - a few buckets of tea and now cidre

Asthma - bad, but I knew it would be

Joints - ok

Been stripping wallpaper all afternoon, this morning we picked out some flooring for the bathroom and the bottom of stairs.  Got some lovely black and silver for bathroom and stripy for bottom of stairs.  Cant wait for it all to be finished. :D

Sal x

Friday, 14 June 2013

Mess Everywhere

Evening all

My whole house is in chaos and mess.  I really don't like this.  I did ask when the bath was going to be fitted and thankfully he did that today as he took it out Wednesday and I am pretty sure I smell now! :o

B - crisp bread with butter and jam on
L - crisp bread with cheese on (had to be out by 12 so rushed food)
T - omelette pizza

Drinks - water wasn't turned off today so lots of cups of tea and soon a glass of wine

Joints - ok

Asthma - on and off, very dusty everywhere :(

I had a light bulb moment this morning.  I am determined to lose the weight but I am enjoying my food and if I go back down to induction levels I cant have crisp bread which is easy for breakfast.  So I need to exercise.  The plan is to get up and go for run, jog, ok walk first thing.  That is the plan, I really hope I can start, as that's the hard part, once I start I am ok.

Where's hubby with my wine?????????????????????????   ;-)

Sal x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Not Enjoying This

Evening all

I am really not liking having work done on the house.  We have no bath or sink for 2 days :o  Upstairs is really dirty and the dust in the air is effecting my asthma.


B - crisp bread with butter on
L - bit of ham, got home late from crèche
T - sardines with salad

Drinks - not much, 2 cups of tea and water

Asthma - ok yesterday

Joints - ok


B - crisp bread with butter on
L - ham and cheese salad
T - turkey with salad

Drinks - not much, 3 cups of tea and water

Asthma - bad

Joints - ok

Cant drink much because the water is turned off during the day so cant make a cup of tea or go to loo so not been drinking much.

Fingers cross the bath will be back tomorrow as I will start to smell soon!!!! :o

Sal x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

And so the chaos begins.................

Evening all

We have had the builder round, priced up a few more things and basically said he will be knocking things about tomorrow :o  Am dreading it!!!!!!!!!  But it needs to be done and as always will cost more than we have for it so may have to go on a mad ebay selling spree.

B - cracker bread with butter and jam
L - ham and cheese salad
T - the rest of the lamb terrine

Drinks - lots of tea, will have some water in a bit

Joints - ok

asthma - ok

Am dreading tomorrow, but at least I will be at work in the morning. :D

Sal x

Quick Visit


Just popping in quick to post yesterdays food.  Forgot yesterday, but forgot a lot yesterday, words, sentences, everything.  Think I may have been tired!

B - crispbread with butter and jam on
L - ham salad
T - lamb terrine

Drinks - tea and squash

Joints - ok

asthma - ok

Be back later, assuming my mind doesn't let me know again!

Sal x

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Breakfast Sausage mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Evening all

So, we had another bbq last night.  And had breakfast sausage on it, my god, that was the best sausage I have ever eaten.  Hubby recons it was meaty (therefore lowish carb) and was even impressed by it.  So will be getting more next week for breakfast next weekend.  Yesterday I ate lots of bbq food and salad, and that was pretty much it.


B - crispbread with lots of butter and tiny bit of jam
L - nothing, had breakfast very late
T - lamb with cauli and cabbage and a bit of stuffing (just cos I like stuffing :D).  Got enough lamb next for 2 more evening meals for me.  Will make a terrine with spices I got from Tunisia last year which no one else likes :D

Drinks - lots of tea and now a cidre

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Popped to lidl today to get the half price turkey and stocked up on veg and salad whilst there.  Think I should have enough to put in a terrine as I don't think it really matters what veg I put in.

Sal x

Friday, 7 June 2013

Mmmmmm BBQ

Evening all, or should that be morning?????????

I visited the local farm shop today and got quite a lot of meat for our BBQ.  The belly pork was so nice, I am going back tomorrow :D

B - ryvita with butter on
L - little bit of cheese
T - bbq so I had, sweet chilli prawns, sweet chilli chicken, Chinese chicken, steak, bbq belly pork and a bit of salad.  and it was gert lush! :D

Drinks - tea, water and wine

Joints - my wrists are aching but I did clean bbq earlier and I think that might be why

Asthma - all ok

I am going back to farm shop tomorrow for more belly pork,  for the bbq tomorrow if the weather stays nice.  we still have loads of meat but do need a few kids burgers as well.  I love bbq's as after the initial 'why don't you want a burger in a roll' it gets nice with lots of meat. :D

Sal x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

No More Front Row Seats :(

Evening all

I am no longer a school governor.  I came 3rd.  So now I have to pay to see the kids xmas show and, even worse, I have to get there early to get front row seats!!!!!!!!!!!! :o  But the head did say he will ask the chair of governors if I can be an associate governor so still go to the meetings and air my opinions but have no say in anything.  We will see, I do want to stay involved as there are changes being made and I want to know what they are before they happen not after. But we will see.

B - ryvita with butter on top
L - thin sliced beef with salad
T - omelette pizza (we had film night tonight as hopefully tomorrow will be bbq :D)

Drinks - lots of cups of tea and water

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

I am aching a bit so had a lazy day today.  Naughty and I really need to get moving and shift these xmas pounds before they become permanent and I put on more next xmas!!!!!

Sal x

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Thats my yearly exercise done ;-)

Evening all

I am aching today.  Decided to cut the grass as we may want a bbq at weekend so today was the perfect day to cut grass and tomorrow I can do some strimming and steam clean the bbq.  That was the plan, woke up to wet grass but never mind I thought, I can still cut it.  Then I managed to bend the lawnmower blade :o so off to b&q to get another one.  Finally I finished.  Then a quick bath and hair wash and up the school to see DD in her class assembly.  Phew, what a morning, I am now aching a bit and I know by tomorrow that will be a lot. 

B - bacon, eggs and fried toms
L - yogurt
T - turkey steak stuffed with garlic and herb philly wrapped in bacon (bacon overload today)

Drinks - tea, water and I am having a cidre as my reward for my hard work today

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok surprisingly, even though I have been taken my pills and nose spray, I did still think cutting the grass would aggravate it.  Must be working, time to make an appointment and get them on repeat I think.

Exciting day for me tomorrow (not really), I have to go into school and watch them count out the votes for parent governors.  I am not too worried if I am no longer a governor, I will just go into school to complain if I disagree with anything. lol

Have a good evening.

Sal x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mmmmmmm Bacon during the week, so naughty

Evening all

First day back at school and I made bacon butties, well, for everyone else, I obviously didn't have them.  I have done loads of washing, ironing and cleaning today and tomorrow the plan is the garden!!!!!!

B - bacon and eggs
L - thinly sliced beef fried with a steak sauce and huge salad
T - mince and veg

Drinks - tea and water and lots of it

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

I even managed some walking today, just to take kids to youth club, but at least it was something. :D

Sal x

Monday, 3 June 2013

I'm Going to be Eating Well This Week :D

Evening all

Had a brilliant shopping trip at Asda earlier.  I got a pack of 16 slices of bacon for £1 and a pack of thin sliced beef reduced from £6 to £2 and the best bit is hubby doesn't like it so its all mine, my lunches for the next few days sorted! :D

B - yogurt
L - ham and cheese salad
T - chilli chicken with salad

drinks - not much today, a mouthful of tea, a pepsi max and a pint of water

Joints - ok

asthma - ok

Its been a lovely day here, I have been at work but we took the kids out in the garden.  And I have managed to get quite a few loads of washing dry, although, sadly, that means ironing tomorrow! :(

Best go pick the kids up from street dancing then.

Sal x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Calvery, mmmmmmmmm

Evening all

Had another meal out today.  My parents are really spoiling us, shame they go home tomorrow although not before getting another day of babysitting out of them :D

B - bacon, egg and fried toms
L - I had chicken and gammon and crackling, carrots, peas, cabbage and gravy and a little bit of stuffing.  I also had a pot of coleslaw.  I love coleslaw. :D
T - will have some cheese and ham in a bit if I am hungry but still stuffed as we didn't eat until 3 and I had 2 platefuls of the veggies.

Drinks - lots of cups of tea and a cider in the pub and a glass of wine now

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok today

Popped to Lidl earlier for their half price weekend mince.  Was queuing outside, but at that price, had to really.  Should have given dd some money and got her to get 6 packs as well!!!! lol  But whilst we were there we got loads of salad, tomatoes, cucumber so should be alright for a few days. 

Sal x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

What, no hangover :o

Evening all

I am very surprised that I didn't have a hangover this morning.  I got up late and the kids were still asleep, I think they must have been worn out yesterday.  My parents did take them seal spotting during the day so a lot of walking.  And they did find seals but couldn't get close enough to scare them.

B - yogurt
L - ham salad
T - fish and chips - got stomach pains now so again, why do I not learn!

drinks - buckets and buckets of tea

Joints - ok

Asthma - got bad earlier before eating the chips, don't know what caused it.

Saturday night and no wine :(  Probably best after how much I drank last night though, early night for me tonight.

Sal x

Friday, 31 May 2013

First night out in 9 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evening all

So, me and hubby went out for a meal tonight.  without the kids.  first time since before I was pregnant with ds1.  So 9 years really!  Anyway hubbys food went back twice and then because it was BOGOF and I kicked off they took off my meal, we had a cheap night out. lol  seriously though I would not have paid that for mine and hubby had 2 that he couldn't eat.  but a good night out anyway.

b - yogurt
L - ham salad
T - steak with bbq sauce and cheese and bacon on top with salad

lovely and too much wine!

Sal x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dentist - Ouchie :(

Evening all

Today was the family visit to the dentist.  Ever since I was young I have hated these visits and am now at 30 something terrified of them.  Obviously I don't want the kids being like this and we have a great dentist who does try to put me at ease but due to previous dentist drilling for a filling with no aesthetic and without telling me I am still scared.  So today, all I needed was cleaning, which he did then as I think he knew I wouldn't be back for it.  I could feel myself getting agitated and starting to panic as some of the cleaning was quite painful.  Afterwards hubby told me that he pulled something long and red from my teeth that looked like a nerve!!!! :o  It couldn't have been otherwise I would have been in more pain so what was it that he disposed of very very quickly?????????????

Kids all did well though and teeth fine. :D 

B - yogurt
L - ham and cheese salad
T - chicken and salad

Drinks - lots of buckets of tea

Asthma - ok

Joints - ok

Everywhere I look in the house it depresses me.  Every single room needs to be sorted out and is piled with clutter and junk and ebay stuff.  When the kids are back at school I will be sorting and moving for the decoration that will start the following week.  Am dreading it but when its done I will have a nice living room, dinning room, bathroom then we can start working on the kids bedrooms, our bedroom, hallway and finishing touches in kitchen that never got done 5 years ago when we had our new kitchen which sadly now looks like we need another one (which is why the company went out of business).

Sal x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Absolutly knackered!

Evening all

Not stopped today.  Hubby had day off as we were going to still be at the lodge.  But as we came home early we decided to strip the wallpaper for when we have the living room plastered (the rest of the paper, done most already. 

But, hubby decided to move the kids rooms around.  I have been constantly on the go all afternoon, up and down stairs and moving stuff.  Am tired, asthma bad from the dust and just want to go to bed now!!!

B - bacon, egg and toms
L - far too busy for lunch (and had breakfast late)
T - cocktail sausages, ham, salad, cheese, just grabbable stuff

Drinks - tea, pepsi max and cidre (think I deserved it)

Asthma - dust made it bad, just starting to recover now

Joints - ok

Found some demijohns in attic, might have a go at wine again, if hubby doesn't ebay them lol

Sal x

Monday, 27 May 2013

First BBQ of the Year

Evening all

What a lovely day it was yesterday (afternoon, morning was a bit rubbish) so we shot out and bought bbq food and I cleaned the Barbie.

B 1 - melon
B 2 - bacon, egg and toms
L - chicken salad
T - bbq food - chicken drumsticks, prawns, chicken on a stick and lots of salad

Drinks - tea and wine

and today:

B - ham and cocktail sausages
L - ham salad
T - omelette pizza

Drinks - tea and lots of it

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Not as nice a day today as it was yesterday, managed to do a bit of walking over the weekend but not much, just watching kids on their bikes wore me out! lol

Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend :D

Sal x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Suffering today :(

Evening all

I have felt hanging today. I think it was the 5 bottles of wine between the 3 of us :o

B - handful of grapes
L - bacon, grilled tomatos, grapes and a banana :o
T - chicken with huge salad

Drinks - tea, tea and more tea and a cidre

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Hubby just opened the guiness flavour nuts so no doubt I will have a few and then an early night.

Sal x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Chinese and wine - bad combination

Evening all

My brother in law is visiting this evening as our house closer o his track day tomorrow. I bought wine and he brought wine. We have plenty lol. We or they decided to have chinese. Got a few stomache pains now but it was nice.

B - yogurt
L - peperami and melon as had to go out
T - chinese

Drinks - lots of tea and now wine

Joints  ok

Asthma. Ok

Time for a nice glass of pinot grecio :D

Sal x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Whoo Hoo Half Term Starts Now :D

Evening all

Today was the last day of term.  A week of lie in's :D  I hope lol

B - yogurt
L - 2 steaklets (square burgers, last 2, will not be buying again) and homemade coleslaw
T - omelette pizza

Drinks - a few cups of tea and gonna have a glass of wine in a bit

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

I bought a low carb cook book in a charity shop today.  Most of the recipes are quite high for me though but there are some.  Scrambled eggs being one of them, maybe I should get eggs next week to try :D

Sal x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Was Good Considering............

Evening all

How good can you be when you make chocolate cake, not just any chocolate cake, but sandwiched with and then covered in chocolate butter icing with smarties on top.  I had a few crumbs and what was left on the knife after cutting the kids slices.  I think that was pretty good going considering how absolutely delicious it is.

B - yogurt with 1 dried apricot
L - cheese and chorizio with home made coleslaw
T - chicken in sweet chilli sauce with salad

I did have some scrapings of choccy cake as well.

Drinks - 4 cups of tea and pint of water

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Well the nosespray seems to be working until the anti histamine pills kick in and I have not needed a tissue all day :D  That has to be the first time for ages. :D  I do still feel a bit mucusy (for want of a better word) but at least I am not sniffing or blowing my nose constantly. :D 

Have a good evening (I will be going to bed soon so as I don't get tempted by the cake lol)

Sal x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Treated Myself Today

Evening all

I have actually spent money on me today, on low carb food.  I went to lidl and got stilton that was on offer, the lidl verion of St Agur which was whoopsied, some whoopsie lidl verion of peperami and some full price :o dried apricots.  I know these arent low carb but they arent that high and they have the cancer fighting properties that cooked tomatoes do so I am going to have 1 a day.  Then I went to Tesco and spent £3 on veg (75p off), salad that was on offer anyway and got 75p off, and got fruit for kids and a melon for me and got £1 off.  :D  I like coupons :D

B - yogurt
L - cheese and chorizio with salad
T - sirloin steak with lidl's version of st agur melted on top with a huge salad (who says you cant eat good food on a budget)

Drinks - 3 cups of tea and 1 pint water

joints - ok

Asthma - ok, had my check today and mentioned that my hayfever set it off so went back and saw doctor and got tablets to be taken every day, nose spray and eye drops.  Lets see if they will work :D  Thank got for prescription prepayment cards :D

Have a good evening

Sal x

Monday, 20 May 2013

Vouchers, Vouchers, Vouchers

Evening all

Tesco have given out vouchers for fruit, veg and salad :D  This makes me happy, as they have leaves 2 for £1 and cucumber 2 or £1 so if I get some tomatoes for £1, all that will cost me £2.25 :D  I am also getting melon and other fruit for the kids and veggies.  :D  About time they did money off healthy food.  I do wish sometimes I lived in America so can do the extreme couponing, as you really cant do that much here!!!  I have got my shop for tomorrow down from £12 to £7.  Thats just not good enough!!! lol

B - yogurt
L - chorizio, cheese and salad
T - chicken with cheese on top and huge salad

Drinks - a few cups of tea, 1 pepsi max and 1 pint water

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

So, tomorrow, I am having an asthma check and am shopping :D  Must try to get a bit of cleaning done inbetween as well.

Sal x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Not The Weekend We Had Planned :(

Evening all

Hope you have all had a good weekend, we went to my sisters static (The Lodge) again.  Not quite what we had planned, I was expecting long walks and kids playing out on their bikes.  Stupidly I forgot their colouring/puzzle books and board games so we did have a few "I'm board" moments.  When we got there we went to the entertainment as the kids had been in the car for a few hours so they danced and got up on stage and won some balloon dogs.  On Saturday they managed a few hours in the morning on their bikes before it rained.  Luckily the place showed Brave so we went to watch that in the afternoon.  And today the kids managed a few more hours on their bikes and we walked to the duck pond to feed the ducks but there were no ducks there so we wandered around looking for ducks before going back to duck pond to just throw the bread in it for the ducks later and they all appeared, must have been waiting for food :D.  It was a good weekend but would have been better with no rain.

Foodwise, not good.  I wasnt bad bad but we got nibbly food which was highish carb and that has caused me stomache problems.  So next time, lots of veg/salad and I think I will get melons and grapes as a treat rather than what I have been eating.  So lesson learnt especially as I spent both nights on the sofa due to not being able to lay down from heartburn so obviously not ideal!

Does make me think though, if eating things with breadcrumbs gives me really bad stomache and heart burn problems, what is in it that makes it hurt so much.  I will not make that mistake again, real food now even when we go away.

Sal x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Again No Exercise


Well, I didnt walk home from work like I planned.  Luckily for me, hubby finished his meeting at just the right time to pick me up.  Although he has used all my diesel, ggggrrrrrrrrrr

B - yogurt
L - taco flavoured mince with cheese on top
T - gammon and cheese with salad

Drinks - a few cups of tea and a glass of wine

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Am hoping for lots of walks this weekend, or at least some walks, I really need to exercise but just cant get in the right state of mind to do it.  But tomorrow is another day........

Sal x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I Really Hope Cheese at Night does not mean Nightmares lol

Evening all

I have had such a busy day.  All morning (and yes, I do mean all morning, 3 hours to be presise) I sorted through my paperwork and coupons, mostly coupons, putting them in date order and cutting them out and sorting out my shopping list(s) for tomorrow.  Then I did the ironing and after that was finished I had a governors meeting (maybe my last one) and then took kids to their club.  Didnt have time to have tea as had to pick kids up and by the time I did that hubby decided he wanted cheese and crackers so I had cheese and salad so I had to go out and buy it.    So have only really just finished tea and I did have lots and lots of cheese.  I had roulle, st agur and cheddar with black paper and very nice they were too.

B - Lots of greek yogurt, too much, felt really bloated afterwards
L - ham, chicken, cheese and salad
T - cheese, cheese and more cheese and salad

Drinks - I have lost count of the cups of tea I have had today

Joints - ok

Asthma - played up a bit but I did have a faceful of dust earlier

I could well have a long walk tomorrow, hubby has my car and is dropping me into work but looks like I will be finding my way home.  I recon an hour and a half to walk it :o  Just think of the exercise :D

Sal x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Its Here, Its Here, Its Here, Its Here :D

Evening all

I got my X5 steam cleaner today.  Its great, I love it.  After I got it I cleaned the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, rest of bathroom and kitchen sides.  Hubby got me the extra packs of cloths and bag/brushes, so I have a brush cleaner for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and oven.  They are all different colours so I dont use the wrong ones. :D  Going to have a go at the carpet tomorrow and see how it does even though we are getting a new carpet in a month or 2 lol and then cleaning the oven and the bathroom again and then anything else I have time to do :D

B - yogurt
L - chicken and ham salad
T - taco seasoned mince with coleslaw

Drinks - a few cups of tea and 1 pint of water

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Is is wrong that all I can think about is cleaning???????????

Sal x

Monday, 13 May 2013

Not stopped today


I have had a busy day today, working, then kids etc.  NO housework, that is keeping for tomorrow.

B - yogurt
L - ham, chicken and cheese with salad
T - chicken with  a medley of roasted veg

Drinks - not enough

Joints - fingers aching a bit, been slipping back into having tomatoe every day in my salad as I was not getting any pains

Asthma - ok

Am a bit excited now, have you seen the advert on the tv for the X5 steam cleaner.  Well, its arriving tomorrow, cant wait, want to do the whole house and hoepfully it will be here early enough for me to do that.  And even though we are getting new carpets I really want to see if it does help with the carpet as well :D 

Sal x