Thursday, 30 October 2014

You have got to try this

Afternoon all

Well I tried the new recipe and OMG it is now my favourite lunch.  This is the original recipe

I didnt have all the ingredients so I browned some mince and onion, then added 2 tablespoons chopped toms, a squirt of tom puree. Cooked that for a bit in pan then added chilli flakes, bit of Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce. Then I added the cabbage and grated carrot and cooked for a bit longer. Done! Cant wait to try it with bacon bits. As you can see I added cheese and had mayo with it. Lovely :D

Need to look up what to do with pumpkin seeds now, kids have got loads for me out of the pumpkins.

Sal x

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Eeeeeek a high low carb day


I am really enjoying my food at the moment so even though its quite high for a low carb diet, as I am not putting on weight I will continue to eat better carbs rather than the lowest.

B - fruit
l - chicken, sweetcorn, onion, omelette type thing.
t - low carb lasagne with peas and carrots

Look what I bought today. 49p each, I found the biggest :D

Am planning on using half for sunday (hubby will be pleased) and the rest for lunch for me this week. Got a recipe I want to try, will give details when I make it.

Sal x

Monday, 27 October 2014

Chuck it all in tea

Evening all

Shopping tomorrow so for tea we had a chuck it all in tea. Leftover chicken with leftover pepperoni chucked into pasta with white sauce for the troops. I had mine chucked into veg (onion, courgette and carrot) and cream cheese and covered with cheese. It was really nice and everyone loved the pasta dish.  This was mine

B - fruit
l - onion and chorizo omelette
t - as above

Today was filled with ironing, cleaning and baking goodies that I wont get to eat. So tired now though.

Nite nite

Sal x

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wow, how much?


So, we had a roast for tea, like you do on a Sunday. I asked what they thought it cost. Ranged from £5 to £7. Actual cost less than £3! :D

B - fruit
l - omelette like in turkey filled with cheese, onion and sundried tomato
t - roast chicken, carrots, broccoli and cabbage.  They all had roasties and yorkshire pud as well. Ds1 had my share lol

Not left sofa much today, well, it is sunday ;-)

Sal x

Saturday, 25 October 2014



Yay, not only have I lost those pesky 2lbs I put on, I have lost another, whoosh and off they go :D

Not done much day, just chilled really. Half term this week and have stuff planned so walking every day except Monday and I am sure I can fine somewhere to walk Monday lol

B - fruit salad
l - apple, chicken and cheese
t - pulled pork and green beans

Oh, the cards have been brought out by the kids, best be off and beat the kiddies at go fish lol

Sal x

Friday, 24 October 2014

Didnt Work Quite So Well


So todays pizza just ended up a pile of goo on my plate. Did not work as well as last weeks, which is here. Eeeepppp its letting me upload pictures :D

While I am at it, here is the low carb bun made from protein powder. Bit dry but ok.

Todays food

Breakfast - apple and satsuma
lunch - chorizo with roasted veg
tea -pile of goo that originally resembled omelette pizza lol

I costed out tea tonight, bit of a habbit I am trying to get into to save money, for all our pizzas for 5 -

Yeast 5p
bread flour 30p
eggs 17p
tin toms 33p
squeeze tom puree 10p
garlic and herbs 10p
onion 5p
cheddar £1
mozzarella 86p
sweetcorn 5p
chicken (whoopsie) 25p
left over pulled chicken free as costed in meal last night
half pack pepperoni

Total £3.71. Not bad for a friday night pizza and gert lush.

I have done 3 school runs today so thats 7 miles and hoovered and cleaned so more calories burnt ;-). Ds1 came back from camp today. Told me all about it and then spent rest of day in his room that I cleaned and tidied, no doubt, undoing all my hard work!

And I will be partaking in a small (large lol) glass of wine later. :D

Have a good one.

Sal x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

who'd have thought

Evening all

well, whilst perusing some low carb blogs the other day I saw mention of something made with protein powder. Now, baring in mind I have some but didnt get on with the shakes, this was quite exciting news. So after a bit of googling I found rolls. Egg and protein powder. Was a bit dry but ok.

Still can't upload photos :(

Today I have had fruit salad for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and piri piri pulled chicken with lots of veg and a low carb bun for tea. Am totally stuffed

Walked a fair bit today. Would like to lose those pesky pounds soon lol

Have a good one

Sal x

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ah well

Evening all

Well I did lose 3lbs. I have managed to put a 2 back on. Not sure how but never mind. I am still eating fruit for breakfast and even bananas but am thinking of cutting them out just in case

Today I even had lentils.  Wonder if I will put on the other pound now lol

So I costed out my meal today. Less than £2 to feed 4 of us. Lots of veggies mixed into the bolognaise and I had green beans instead of pasta. Was lovely

I am on my phone and, quite frankly, it's doing my head in. Will try to sort out tablet now I think before I throw my phone out the window

Have a good evening

Sal x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Oooppsss Lost It


I dont know what I have done but I couldnt log on, infact lost the ability to do it, not sure how lol. All ok now yay.

Yesterday I actually managed to keep my omelette pizza perfect whilst transferring it to the plate.  I cant upload a picture, teething problems lol

anyway today i have had

B - fruit salad
l - pepperoni with Mediterranean veg
t - will be homemade donner kebab, I will wrap mine in lettuce, with salad. It is so easy to make, lamb mince (whoopsied for a quid) with some herbs mixed in, put in foil, whack in slow cooker on low for 6 hours. Jobs a goodun. Everyine else having whoopsied pittas with theirs. I do love a cheap healthy meal.

and yay, 3lbs gone already :D

have a great weekend

sal x

Thursday, 16 October 2014

well if the boy likes it, it must be good....

Evening all

Still walking, eating well, loving life lol

Today was lasagne. Obviously I cant have pasta so I used aubergine instead. My youngest doesnt like the pasta sheets in lasagne so I said he could have mine and I would take out the aubergine if he didnt like it. He loved it!

B - fruit salad
l - chorizo with roasted veg
t - aubergine lasagne (even got another portion in freezer)

I also managed a fair bit of walking and carrying heavy bags so thats good, although I didnt think so at the time!

Have a good evening

Sal x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Eeeessssh 9lbs

Good Evening

I think the title says it all. I have put on 9lbs but in my defence I was on holiday for a week, all inclusive and the only time I moved from the sunbed was to the bar or snack bar. I tried to be good, no potatoes or bread or pasta but I did have some desserts and omg turkish pancakes, and the very sugary cocktails.

So back on track today. Stocked up on fruit, veg, salad, was weightlifting carrying it home lol and walked 10 miles today.

B - fruit salad
l - chorizo with roasted veg
t - gert big sausage roll without the roll and salad

Cant stop yawning, nite nite

Sal x