Monday, 30 June 2014

Eeeeekkkkkkkkk It Worked


Ok so Monday last week I weighed 10st 9lbs. Today (after a drunken Saturday night and Slovakian night on Friday) I now weigh 10st 6lbs :D so happy

Here is a piccy of Friday night

I did eat a lot of sweet potato and Saturday I drank lots of red wine, so am well chuffed.

Today has been busy so not walked as much as I should have and been out so not drank as much water but will try harder tomorrow.

B - greek yogurt
L - chicken stirfry
T - fish with salad. And some chicken as the fish was ridiculously small

Oh and before I forget hubby as lost 10lbs. Am really plessed he has stuck to it and this has sperned him on to keep sticking to it.

Sal x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

More Jerky

Evening all

No I havent made any more jerky, just been finding recipes. I have found some with mince and sausage jerky so lots to try. Cant wait :D

Did my last shop of the week today, £10 in lidl, even got the bits for Slovakian night tomorrow. This week I have spent £16 and got £1 cashback. Next week will be more as I will need to buy fruit and want to stock up on the packs of chicken in farmfoods.

B - cheese and tomato omelette
L - chicken stir fry
T - spicy beef with salad made by hubby

I have drank 5 pints of water and walked for around 2.5 hrs. And only had 1 cup of tea.

Hubby still doing well, but we have visitors at weekend so need to plan so we dont fall off the wagon.

Sal x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OMG The Mess

Evening all

I will not be making candied bacon again, the mess in my dehydrator was unreal, still got more to clean but got the most of it done. Is nice though lol but I think I will go back to the other recipe for bacon jerky as I preferred it chewy.

B - greek yogurt
L - lamb and chorizo with Mediterranean veg
T - pulled pork with salad

I have managed 4 pints of water and 2.5 hrs walking. Go me lol

Hubby cooking tomorrow, low carb :o so need to go through shoppung list, I have £13 to last until monday. Need milk, veg and fruit and more yogurt. Will see what we can get, if all else fails, I have plenty of bacon to snack on lol

Sal x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Naughty, so very very naughty

Evening all

I ate the last of my bacon jerky today so obviously I needed to make more. I didnt write my timings down so I did a quick google and found candied bacon. So in my dehydrator I have candied bacon (bacon with brown sugar on) normal bacon jerky and bacon bits for salad topping. Cant wait for the morning to try it. Yes I know I shouldnt but it sounded so nice.

Hubby doing well, still walking and sticking to it, usually he cant get past day 1. I have managed 3, yes 3, pints of water which is good for me.

Roll on Friday, weigh in day, am feeling optimistic.

B - greek yogurt
L - lamb (leftover from Sunday), chorizo and Mediterranean veg
T - gammon with salad

I snacked on the last of the bacon jerky. And drank loads of water.

So a good day.

Sal x

Monday, 23 June 2014

Bacon Now Beef

Good Evening

Last week in my dehydrator was beef jerky. I made 2 marinades, honey garlic and teriyaki.  They are both nice but my fav is teriyaki.  Although probability should find a low carb version :o  I was lucky that I bought the frying steak half price and prepared it straight away. It marinated in the sauce for 24 hours so I dont think it mattered having a cheap cut, I did cut off all the fat though.  Must keep my eyes peeled for more reduced beef as I really do love the jerky. Infact I will be making more bacon jerky tomorrow.

Finally it has happened. The hubby has agreed to do low carb. I did try not to look too happy about this, it does mean however I will probably need to be more inventive as he wont live on salads like I will.  I am even making our theme night low carb. This week we are having Slovakian food. I will be replacing the potato with sweet potato and using less, may even add some cauliflower.  I hope it works. And the best bit, I have most of the ingredients in luckily as my shopping budget this week is £20.  £6 was spent today on salad, veg, milk and apple juice for the kids. I think I did well and i didnt deviate from my list. Now to try to stay away from shops for a few days.

Almost forgot, I am trying to walk everywhere and today so did hubby :o I really hope he can stick to it.

Am feeling hopeful.

Sal x

Monday, 16 June 2014

In true Homer Style I am Drooling

Evening all

As you know my dehydrator has been used a fair bit. I love it. Today I used the egg I dehydrated last night to make omelette, quite impressted but not really something I will do a lot although may be good for baking.  This morning I made bacon jerky. The house smelt devine and the bacon, well, the only way I can truly describe it is 'gert lush'.  I only used the last of the open pack so today (which has been eaten, mainly by me) I bought 3 more packs, and then went out and got another 2. 2 packs are now cooling after being dehydrated. Got my jar ready. And I have also been looking at beef jerky so may start marinating some beef tomorrow.

B - ham, cheese and tomato omelette
L - nothing really I just sort of tasted my dehydrated food
T - chicken with salad

I have eaten bacon and kale crisps this evening, hubby has eaten a family sized bag of normal crisps.

I have briskly walked on both school runs and one of my shopping trips. I will lose the weight.

Am feeling stuffed now, maybe dehydrated food expands in the belly????

Must be time for bed. Have a lovely evening.

Sal x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

OMG Bacon Jerky


Well, I am still here, still trying. Only managed up to day 12 of the abs challenge. Might try to start up again tomorrow.

My cucumber in the dehydrator was really nice. Today I made kale crisps which again are really nice, I did also make some lucky charms for the kids as well which they loved. At present I have beetroot chips, pineapple chunks and eggs in there. Tomorrow I am making bacon jerky, yes thats right, bacon jerky. Mmmmmmmm

These are the cucumber and kale chips

We had Brazil night last night, so I made low carb (and carby) and it was lovely.

We had a mince dish, chicken dish and kale and mango salad, all of which was really nice. Ss well as wedges and a potaoe dish that I think would be nice made with cauliflower.

So tomorrow I need to try harder with the exercise. Lots of walking and maybe a dance off with the kids after school lol I must lose this stone, or at least half of it.

Sal x

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ups and Downs


Its been a funny few weeks. Put on weight, lost weight, put it back on. Been bad, been strict and as of today I am back to needing to lose a stone.

I am also doing a 30 days abs challenge on facebook. I am ok so far but it does hurt so not sure I am physically able to complete it but I will try. I am walking loads and last week was so strict and still didnt lose.  Very disheartening.  But I need to pick myself up and tell myself what I would tell someone else, keep going, you can do it, etc etc.

A bit of exciting news (I find it exciting, not sure anyone else does) I got a dehydrator.  I love it. I only got it last week and have already made apple, apple and cinnamon leather, banana chips, kiwi, pineapple and currently in there cucumber seasoned with chilli and garlic.  Cant wait to try them.

I have had some really nice food in the past few weeks, I made low carb mexican casserole for mexican day we had saturday, even hubby has cooked me low carb food. In honour of the football, this Saturday we are eating brazilian food. I have already found 2 low carb mains, salad and will do a carby side for the family.  Oh and my low carb mexican casserole beat hubbies main and didnt last long. :D

I am getting better at omelette pizza, hardly broke this one :D

These are hubby's low carb meals and yes I know they are high carb for me but he did try.

And this is mexican night

So busy, eating good food. Just need to keep it up. Must check on my cucumber :D

Sal x