Friday, 28 February 2014

A Success


So, home made scotch eggs were lovely. Pictures to follow when I work out how on my phone or give up and turn laptop on!

I also managed home made dishwasher powder but that has turned solid oddly enough so more research tomorrow.

other food for today was omlette, and omlette pizza for tea. Scotch egg was lunch and I have 1 left for tomorrow. And no I have not eaten enough veg, must do better tomorrow.

night night

sal x

Thursday, 27 February 2014

I Love Food


I really do think low carb helps me enjoy my food more. I want to be eating delicious healthy food and not loads of chips and bread and then something with it.  I find I make more effort with meals and really want to enjoy eating it not see how much I can eat.  Really is quality over quantity now and even though I do have a few more pounds to lose I am happy with what I am eating

Yesterday I ate

B - cheese and ham omelette
L - turkey stir fry
T - chicken with salad with a spicy mayo

Today I have had

B - stilton omelette
L - Turkey and spicy sausage stir fry
T - beef with onion, peppers and mushrooms in tomato and red wine sauce with broccoli and carrots

It was gert lush and here is a photo

I have walked today although walking up and down the street trying to train Ruby I don't really count it. 

I want to have a go at scotch eggs tomorrow.  Might get the sausage meat out now no I don't forget ;-)

Hopefully I will have a photo of that tomorrow.

Sal x

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Too Much Food and Drink :(


We have had visitors for the last few days so lots of eating out (no chips for me), I did try to eat low carb but obviously it went a bit array and I have had a bit to drink.  So put on 3lbs.  But, hopefully, fingers crossed, that is just water and will be gone very shortly.  Back on it today.

B - grapes (still stuffed from last night)
L - ham and cheese salad
T - chicken with salad (sprinkled with stilton)

I have already been for a walk this morning, work this afternoon and 2 walks later is the plan.

Sal x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

So Today is a Write Off


What a day!  Decorating,  sorting clothes, storing a few shirts hubby didnt want for later use........

By the time we finished I just shoved a few things into oven not caring. I am actually surprised I am still awake now!

I cant wait for my life to go back to normality so I dont have the excuse to eat rubbish.

Have a good one.

Sal x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Back on track

Evening all

after a very carby weekend (I had real pizza :o) I am back on track

b -  sausages with cheese and tomato omelette
l - chicken and philly roll ups with salad
t - beef in red wine with green beans and carrots

Everything is still chaos, puppy and decorating but am hopeful we will have a bedroom back at the weekend and now loads of junk (kids toys) has been picked up so will be getting my house back soon. I will win against the clutter lol

Sal x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cold Did Not Help...

Evening all

Yesterday, well, the night before our heating stopped working, it was very cold.  Hubby fixed it yesterday morning (why he couldn't do it the evening before i don't know) but due to having 3 new radiators that weren't working the downstairs ones were turned off to push the pressure upstairs.  This was going on whilst our bedroom was getting fixed. So it got to 2.30pm, the living room temperature dropped to 14 degrees, I was wearing my fleece, puppy asleep on me and we were both covered in blanket as she was shivering  I requested the builder turn them back on.  I did not lose weight.  Maybe it was due to the many, many latte's and hot choc's I had to keep warm though!!!

We had pizza tonight due to it being Valentines tomorrow so me and my hubby will be having steak, and i put on it rocket leaves and shredded beetroot from a bag of salad I had.  It was quite nice, went crunchy but then I thought, by putting the pizza in the oven so cooking the salad, does that take away the nutrients then I thought, it if takes away the nutrients from salad will it from other roasted veg.  Something to google later I think!

Couldn't resist another photo of my baby

and here are my louboutin nails (need the shoes to match now)

But I felt they needed something so I blinged them

Promise to get back to low carb with hopefully some lovely low carb photos next time.

Sal x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Workmen here again :(

Evening all

so it appears workmen like leaving all the doors open and now not all radiators are working.

sod it - wine and chinese is called for. Dont panic, crispy beef, bad but not the worst ;-)

Sal x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Even the dogs low carb.....


Back again. And this time my dogs are joining me.  They have been put on a raw food diet which currently is ground up chicken with bones in.  They have to stay on this for a month and then I can start introducing different meat.  So far its going well. Rex, 6 year old cav, now eats everything I give him when he used to rarely eat normal dog food and Ruby the puppy also seems to be enjoying it far more than the other food. Its a bit gross for me but luckily they are both currently on same amount and one pack is one day worth of food. Another bonus, it costs 40p a day to feed both. This will gomup when Ruby is bigger bit stilll very cheap.

So back to me, still low carbing on a budget.  Although I think i have been a bit lazy with it as not writing it down.

so back to it

b - nothing bit too hungover
l - pork stir fry
t - in slow cooker smelling delicious peppered chicken with salad

I even walked the kids to school today. Am really looking forward to Friday when I can start walking Ruby as well.