Monday, 20 January 2014

Not Been on Because........


I have a new puppy

its a bit cold here so had to find her something for toilet time

She is a boxer and such a sweetie.  We picked her up Friday morning and life has been hectic since.

Sal x

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Small Cake = Huge Pain


Was in work in this morning in the café having a break and we were brought out some cake for the 4 of us.  Well, how could I refuse.  So after my little square of cake, I did a bit more work, went shopping, got home and had really bad stomach pains so no lunch for me.

B - last of my sausage, bacon, egg breakfast slow cooker thingy
L - nothing
T - sausage casserole with cauli mash.  It was lovely.  A bit high carb as it has peas and carrots in (and the sausages were 10 carbs just for them) but it was worth it lol

I think I have done really well with food these last few weeks.  Wonder what I will have next week.

Sal x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Crazy Lady Posting Pictures


Had a busy day today.  Popped to Boots 70% off sale and got some xmas present for next year and a few birthday presents, then home to sort the ironing, got my nails done then the actual ironing then pick kids up.  And after tea and cleaned the mould off one of the bedrooms.  Phew!

B - didn't have time, had to get to Boots for opening ;-)
L - veggie soup
T - slow cooker gammon, cooked in diet coke and a bit of bbq sauce, with salad.  Photo alert :D

Another busy day tomorrow, work then wall papering and hopefully some painting. 

Think I need an early night (year, right, like that will happen lol)

Have a good one

Sal x

Monday, 13 January 2014

Another Foodie Piccy........

Evening all

Yesterday I was very cold, watching the kids do their rugby training.  Obviously the bed socks over my normal socks were not enough.  Next week I will be wearing tights, thermal sock and bed socks.  I hope that works.

I forgot to prepare breakfast on Saturday night so had to have bacon and eggs when I got up sunday and we had a chicken roast for tea.

Today, I did get my slow cooker breakfast which was lovely.

B - slow cooker sausages, toms, eggy mixture, cheese and bacon
L - butternut squash soup, lots of veggies
T - fajita filling on salad, here is a picture (I promise there are lots of salad and chicken under all that cheese)

I really need to get motivated to exercise more.

Oh, and not take hubby shopping again.  I spent £5 (was not happy as went to Morrisons not Asda) and hubby decided he wanted pink lady apples, cheese scones and cheese and onion pasties.  So another £6!!!  So I have decided to change my challenge and now I will go to Asda end of week and spend my £5 apg's and not more than £1 of the cash.   Budget now stands at  £80/£150 and tomorrow will be week 3.

Sal x

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Breakfast Was a Sucess

Good Evening

I hope you are having a great weekend.

I am very impressed with my breakfast in the slow cooker, in fact, so impressed I am making it again for tomorrow and maybe next week.

Here is a before photo

And the after photo

B - as above (sausages then tinned toms, egg mixed with mayo and cream, cheese, bacon and a bit more cheese in slow cooker over night)
L - nothing after that breakfast lol
T - burger with salad

I have spent a bit more money (half price sausages in Lidl, took dd so managed to get 12 packs) so budget now up to £69/£150.  Major challenge this week, my freezers are full, had to play tetris to fit the stuff in so I am trying to live this week on £15 cash and £5 apg, and maybe taking the £10 for my nails to be done out of it as well.  I have lots of milk, some bread, freezers full of meat/veg and some fruit so only need salad and at end of fruit, milk and bread.  That's the challenge.  Wish me luck :D

Sal x

Friday, 10 January 2014

Getting the hubby walking lol

So I have dragged hubby on both school runs walking, he was not amused lol

On tablet so will be quick as cant type properly

B - bacon cheeseburger pie  shared with ds
L - ham salad
T-omelette pizza

Got my brakfast in slow cooker, cant wait :D

Sal x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Unreasonable Behaviour

Evening all

Am thinking of divorcing my hubby for unreasonable behaviour, he has just wafted a pack of crisps under my nose!!!! :o  But how strong am I not having any ;-)

B - bacon cheeseburger pie (shared with ds1)
L - ham with coleslaw
T - chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon with salad

Walked on another school run today, go me, even dragged a moaning hubby, well he needs to lose weight so needs to start walking more.  Am going to try to walk on both school runs tomorrow :o and take hubby with me :o make him suffer for earlier lol

Sal x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Gert Lush

OMG todays food was gert lush.   There really is no other way to describe it.
B - bacon cheeseburger pie made in slow cooker overnight.  Here is the before photo after putting in slow cooker.  I browned some onions and mince and half a tin of toms and put that in the bottom of the slow cooker.  Then I put the egg/mayo and cream mixture on top and then topped with cheese and bacon bits off my bacon shank I cooked.  On low overnight.

And here it is on my plate.  It was lovely and my eldest thought so too.

L - was too stuffed from breakfast

T - mozzarella stuffed chorizo meat balls with coleslaw.  Again another lovely meal that was bloody lovely.  I cut up chorizo burgers into 4.  Squidged them and flattened it then wrapped it wrong a bit of mozzarella which I then fried off with onions.  I put 1.5 tins toms into the slow cooker with carrots and put the meat balls in.  I was meant to be putting in sweetcorn but couldn't find any.  I also put in a bit of a jar of dolmio.  Cooked on high for 5 hours.  The kids loved it.  :D
I have 2 portions of the bacon cheeseburger pie left for tomorrow and Friday.  And for Saturday I have promised my eldest I will make a breakfast casserole which will be sausages on the bottom, covered in tinned toms then topped with the same egg mixture with cheese on top and bacon slices on top of the cheese.  Mmmmmmmmm
And I even managed to walk on one of the school runs.
Also went shopping and after cashback and apg's it cost £15 so that's £52 so far.    MUST NOT GO SHOPPING AGAIN THIS WEEK!!!!!! lol
Sal x

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I'm Back..... Again.......

Good Evening all

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.  I sort of stuck to low carb but with added extras like chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

So from today, I am back on it, 3 proper meals a day.  Back on my budget, which is now even more important due to hubby being made redundant.  So he is getting under my feet every day when the kids are at school, hopefully I will be back at work soon then he can take over school runs and housework ;-)

Anyway, my shopping budget, hit it lucky in Asda last night, their chicken meals (mostly stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon) were reduced from £3.48 to £1.17 so I got a few.  And today I popped to Farm Foods for bacon, chicken breasts and a few other bits. 

So, the figures, so far £37/£150 (but this is a bit of a cheat month as I didn't start it until the end of week 1 due to being away for most of Christmas.  Today is currently day 1 of week 2.  I should also point out that both of my freezers and jam packed full so I shouldn't really need to go shopping much.  But I expect I will tomorrow as I have to take a toy back and there are a few things with cashback I will get.

Meals for today:

B - tomato and brie omelette
L - another omelette but I really fancied it, as I added onions, ham, Mexicano cheese and a bit of brie.  was lovely.
T - peppered chicken with salad

Tonight I am going to put in my slow cooker a base of mince and onion (with tinned toms) and top with eggs mixed with cream and mayo and then top with cheese and ham.  That will be my breakfast.  Cant wait for breakfast now even though I am stuffed from tea.  And tea tomorrow will be chorizo meat balls stuffed with mozzarella in a tomato and veg sauce.  I love low carb :D

Now for the weight loss or gain.  I did gain over xmas.  Back up to having to lose 7lbs but that's not too bad, could be a lot worse. 

Must try and get some photos of my food tomorrow (assuming it looks as nice as it sounds)

Sal x