Sunday, 11 May 2014

I Want, l want, I want


OMG OMG OMG I stumbled across a threat on mse the other day about dehydrators.  Looked quite interesting, dried fruit for hubby and kids to snack on, dog treats and of course sun dried tomatoes. But then I startrd looking into it more. You can dehydrate veg, keep in bag in cupboard and use when needed. How easy is that when bunging stuff in slow cooker. I also have the issue of my 2 freezers being full, I wanted to buy the 5kg of onions in lidl but no room to store them, a dehydrator could solve that problem. So will be hinting lots to hubby, he has 2 months before my birthday to get the hint. That is unless I succumb to temptation and order it myself ;-)

B - strawberries,  blueberries and greek yoghurt
L - pulled pork and cheese omelette
T - roast beef with lots of veg and I will be having a small slice of hubbies dessert as tomorrow is 20 carbs and lots of walking.

As I may have mentioned by husband doesnt like low carb, he preferes low fat. Last week he was having homemade fruit smoothie for breakfast, cheese omelette for lunch and same tea as me except with a small amount of potatoe. He lost 4lbs. His heartburn totally stopped. Yesterday he had a bread roll and his heartburn got bad. If that doesnt convince him to cut down his carbs (mainly bread) I dont know what will!!!!!

Wish me luck for tomorrow

Sal x  

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