Friday, 24 October 2014

Didnt Work Quite So Well


So todays pizza just ended up a pile of goo on my plate. Did not work as well as last weeks, which is here. Eeeepppp its letting me upload pictures :D

While I am at it, here is the low carb bun made from protein powder. Bit dry but ok.

Todays food

Breakfast - apple and satsuma
lunch - chorizo with roasted veg
tea -pile of goo that originally resembled omelette pizza lol

I costed out tea tonight, bit of a habbit I am trying to get into to save money, for all our pizzas for 5 -

Yeast 5p
bread flour 30p
eggs 17p
tin toms 33p
squeeze tom puree 10p
garlic and herbs 10p
onion 5p
cheddar £1
mozzarella 86p
sweetcorn 5p
chicken (whoopsie) 25p
left over pulled chicken free as costed in meal last night
half pack pepperoni

Total £3.71. Not bad for a friday night pizza and gert lush.

I have done 3 school runs today so thats 7 miles and hoovered and cleaned so more calories burnt ;-). Ds1 came back from camp today. Told me all about it and then spent rest of day in his room that I cleaned and tidied, no doubt, undoing all my hard work!

And I will be partaking in a small (large lol) glass of wine later. :D

Have a good one.

Sal x

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