Saturday, 1 November 2014

Healthy Low Carb Snack


So, pumpkins, or more precisely pumpkin seeds. The kids carved their pumpkins for halloween, I saved the seeds.

I cleaned, mixed 1 lot with olive oil, salt and 5 spice and the other lot with olive oil, salt and chilli peppers. And roasted for 15 mins. Just had the 5 spice and the kids loved it. I dont think they will like the chilli though so they are all mine lol even the hubby who turned his nose up at them said they were nice. A healthy snack the kids like!! :o

I also made spiced crab apple chutney. Saving that for xmas as way to high for a normal day lol

Hubby making tea, burgers, am guessing the only side will be chips so good job I have my chilli seeds for snacking later :D

And I have 5 seeds left for growing next year, now just need to find cheap pumpkins until then!

Have a good one

Sal x

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