Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wow, Am I Actually Learning

Evening all

So, I cooked another chinese, beef in batter. It was really nice and I didnt have batter. I am quite amazed with myself that I resisted but considering how much pain I was in, it should be the norm.

I am not losing weight at the moment, lots of walking, eating good carbs, I cant seem to lose but I am enjoying my food and just need to walk a bit faster I think to burn the fat.

I was quite pleased with myself, I bought a gert big cabbage the other day, had half left.  Today I bought a large carrot and a bunch of spring onions. Added coleslaw mayo and mustard and jobs a goodun, a massive bowl of coleslaw for 92p. I have aleady had it with 2 meals, recon I have enough for 4ish more at least (or I hope).

Have a good evening x

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