Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A One Off!

Evening all

So this morning I decided to put on a posh frock, bit of mascara and my red lippy for the school run and I felt fabulous even with the extra pounds.  So my aim is to make more of an effort in myself and when/if I lose the weight then great but until then be happy in myself. I will be still low carbing, obviously, and enjoying it.

B - cheese and tomato omelette
L - chicken and chorizo with Mediterranean veg, was delicious

T - and this is the one off, I had real fish and chips from a real fish and chip shop, it was gert lush but definatly a one off, been having stomach pains for the last hour and my mouth is still coated with fat. So a nice treat, maybe to be repeated next year lol

Time to google something to do with the diced beef I have.

Sal x

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