Monday, 29 September 2014

Wow, Who'd Have Thought


So, its been a while. I have been eating lots of yummy food, including lots of fruit, I am walking an average of 10 miles a day and still wearing my red lippy ;-)

And the result of this, I have lost 5lbs  :o

And all this on a budget. Which means some of my choices are shocking for a low carb diet. For example, I now eat fruit for breakfast as apparently its easier to digest, fruit is expensive except when you find it whoopsie and then its usually bananas. So I have been eating bananas.  Good carbs. I did get lucky last week and was able to buy courgettes, peppers and plums for 25p a pack. Result!

Tomorrow is payday so I will be off to lidl after the school run and buying lots of fruit and veg. But until then I have to manage on what I have.

B - bananas and apples
L - Mediterranean veg in tomato based sauce recipe below
T - roast chicken with broccoli,  cabbage and carrots

I know jars are easy but they are high carb and contain nasties. So make your own if possible. My tomato sauce today was half a tin toms (might try with reals ones tomorrow) garlic, onion and herbs. Fry the garlic and onion, add toms and herbs and when cooked use, you can even use a blender for a smooth sauce, ideal for pizzas. I just chucked it over my frozen veg, courgette, peppers, onion and a bit of meat, in oven for half an hour, bit of cheese on top, another 10 mins and bosh, this

Good healthy delicious food.

And I do feel so much better this way of eating so am happy to keep eating fruit although will try to avoid bananas where possible. 

Sal x

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