Monday, 26 August 2013

A Good Start to the Day

Evening all

I really do think a lie in and then a cooked breakfast is a pretty good start to the day.  It did go downhill from there are I then went shopping and then did some gardening and housey stuff but my breakfast kept me going.

B - bacon with stilton on top, 2 fried eggs, handful of little tomatoes fried
L - ate breakfast late so no lunch
T - BBQ, we had burger (no bun), ribs, chicken, prawns and pork with salad.  I know the sauces on would have upped the carb count but I think I deserved it today after gardening :D

Drinks - tea and cider (last alcohol until Saturday :o, maybe)

Exercise - gardening and 1/2 hour walk

Joints - fingers aching but I am putting that down to gardening

Asthma - forgot my inhaler this morning so was a bit wheezy but after I remembered and then took my nose spray for hayfever I have been fine.

Last week of the school holidays, I need to work out what jobs the kids can do, must make use of the save labour while I have it.  Tomorrow we are shopping then the kids can clean my car (insert evil laugh here ;-D)

Sal x

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