Saturday, 11 January 2014

Breakfast Was a Sucess

Good Evening

I hope you are having a great weekend.

I am very impressed with my breakfast in the slow cooker, in fact, so impressed I am making it again for tomorrow and maybe next week.

Here is a before photo

And the after photo

B - as above (sausages then tinned toms, egg mixed with mayo and cream, cheese, bacon and a bit more cheese in slow cooker over night)
L - nothing after that breakfast lol
T - burger with salad

I have spent a bit more money (half price sausages in Lidl, took dd so managed to get 12 packs) so budget now up to £69/£150.  Major challenge this week, my freezers are full, had to play tetris to fit the stuff in so I am trying to live this week on £15 cash and £5 apg, and maybe taking the £10 for my nails to be done out of it as well.  I have lots of milk, some bread, freezers full of meat/veg and some fruit so only need salad and at end of fruit, milk and bread.  That's the challenge.  Wish me luck :D

Sal x

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