Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I'm Back..... Again.......

Good Evening all

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.  I sort of stuck to low carb but with added extras like chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

So from today, I am back on it, 3 proper meals a day.  Back on my budget, which is now even more important due to hubby being made redundant.  So he is getting under my feet every day when the kids are at school, hopefully I will be back at work soon then he can take over school runs and housework ;-)

Anyway, my shopping budget, hit it lucky in Asda last night, their chicken meals (mostly stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon) were reduced from £3.48 to £1.17 so I got a few.  And today I popped to Farm Foods for bacon, chicken breasts and a few other bits. 

So, the figures, so far £37/£150 (but this is a bit of a cheat month as I didn't start it until the end of week 1 due to being away for most of Christmas.  Today is currently day 1 of week 2.  I should also point out that both of my freezers and jam packed full so I shouldn't really need to go shopping much.  But I expect I will tomorrow as I have to take a toy back and there are a few things with cashback I will get.

Meals for today:

B - tomato and brie omelette
L - another omelette but I really fancied it, as I added onions, ham, Mexicano cheese and a bit of brie.  was lovely.
T - peppered chicken with salad

Tonight I am going to put in my slow cooker a base of mince and onion (with tinned toms) and top with eggs mixed with cream and mayo and then top with cheese and ham.  That will be my breakfast.  Cant wait for breakfast now even though I am stuffed from tea.  And tea tomorrow will be chorizo meat balls stuffed with mozzarella in a tomato and veg sauce.  I love low carb :D

Now for the weight loss or gain.  I did gain over xmas.  Back up to having to lose 7lbs but that's not too bad, could be a lot worse. 

Must try and get some photos of my food tomorrow (assuming it looks as nice as it sounds)

Sal x

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