Monday, 13 January 2014

Another Foodie Piccy........

Evening all

Yesterday I was very cold, watching the kids do their rugby training.  Obviously the bed socks over my normal socks were not enough.  Next week I will be wearing tights, thermal sock and bed socks.  I hope that works.

I forgot to prepare breakfast on Saturday night so had to have bacon and eggs when I got up sunday and we had a chicken roast for tea.

Today, I did get my slow cooker breakfast which was lovely.

B - slow cooker sausages, toms, eggy mixture, cheese and bacon
L - butternut squash soup, lots of veggies
T - fajita filling on salad, here is a picture (I promise there are lots of salad and chicken under all that cheese)

I really need to get motivated to exercise more.

Oh, and not take hubby shopping again.  I spent £5 (was not happy as went to Morrisons not Asda) and hubby decided he wanted pink lady apples, cheese scones and cheese and onion pasties.  So another £6!!!  So I have decided to change my challenge and now I will go to Asda end of week and spend my £5 apg's and not more than £1 of the cash.   Budget now stands at  £80/£150 and tomorrow will be week 3.

Sal x

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