Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cold Did Not Help...

Evening all

Yesterday, well, the night before our heating stopped working, it was very cold.  Hubby fixed it yesterday morning (why he couldn't do it the evening before i don't know) but due to having 3 new radiators that weren't working the downstairs ones were turned off to push the pressure upstairs.  This was going on whilst our bedroom was getting fixed. So it got to 2.30pm, the living room temperature dropped to 14 degrees, I was wearing my fleece, puppy asleep on me and we were both covered in blanket as she was shivering  I requested the builder turn them back on.  I did not lose weight.  Maybe it was due to the many, many latte's and hot choc's I had to keep warm though!!!

We had pizza tonight due to it being Valentines tomorrow so me and my hubby will be having steak, and i put on it rocket leaves and shredded beetroot from a bag of salad I had.  It was quite nice, went crunchy but then I thought, by putting the pizza in the oven so cooking the salad, does that take away the nutrients then I thought, it if takes away the nutrients from salad will it from other roasted veg.  Something to google later I think!

Couldn't resist another photo of my baby

and here are my louboutin nails (need the shoes to match now)

But I felt they needed something so I blinged them

Promise to get back to low carb with hopefully some lovely low carb photos next time.

Sal x

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