Thursday, 27 February 2014

I Love Food


I really do think low carb helps me enjoy my food more. I want to be eating delicious healthy food and not loads of chips and bread and then something with it.  I find I make more effort with meals and really want to enjoy eating it not see how much I can eat.  Really is quality over quantity now and even though I do have a few more pounds to lose I am happy with what I am eating

Yesterday I ate

B - cheese and ham omelette
L - turkey stir fry
T - chicken with salad with a spicy mayo

Today I have had

B - stilton omelette
L - Turkey and spicy sausage stir fry
T - beef with onion, peppers and mushrooms in tomato and red wine sauce with broccoli and carrots

It was gert lush and here is a photo

I have walked today although walking up and down the street trying to train Ruby I don't really count it. 

I want to have a go at scotch eggs tomorrow.  Might get the sausage meat out now no I don't forget ;-)

Hopefully I will have a photo of that tomorrow.

Sal x

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