Tuesday, 8 April 2014



I have just had the best tea. I was given the recipe by a fellow low carber and netmum, Cheryl. It is broccoli and cauliflower cheese. Cook the broccoli and cauliflower,  drain, mix in salami or pepperoni and crumbled garlic and herb boursin, I used garic and herb philly and I mixed in half a chopped onion. When in oven dish cover with grated cheese and bake. Mmmmmmmmm delicious.

B - fruit salad with greek yogurt
L - tomato, onion, ham and cheese omelette
T - a rather sad looking gammon with the broccoli and cauliflower as above and here is a picture

I didnt even feel envious of the takeaway pizza the family just guzzled in front of me. And whilst hubby is moaning he has eaten too much, his belly hurts, I am feeling positively angelic.

Do try the recipe and if you have any variations to it, then do let me know.

Sal x

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