Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Rum has no carbs does it

Good evening

Funny old day.  Went to a new supplier for dog food today, for £20 I got 20lb minced with bone chicken, 10lb mince, 10lb tripe and 10lb chunks of steak, dogs eat better than us. And they gave us 5 huge livers for free and 4 huge bones with loads of meat on free. My dogs are very happy today lol although note to self, dont give bones on carpet as it will get covered in blood. I have cleaning to do tomorrow!!!!!

I have decluttered lots. And found out I didnt get the job I wanted. Maybe a time to change career......

B - tomato,  onion and cheese omelette
L - ham
T - chicken in a sweet chilli sauce with salad.

Was lovely.

Off to enjoy my rum and diet coke.

Sal x

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