Sunday, 2 March 2014

I Give Up......

Evening all

After spending around an hour trying to upload the photo on either my phone or tablet, I have given up and turned the lappy on. 

So, better late than never, here are the pictures of my scotch egg :D

So todays food

B - bacon, sausage and tomato & onion omelette again (not hungry for lunch)
T - roast chicken, broccoli, parsnip, carrot, sprouts and a little bit of stuffing (my treat)

I even managed a bit of a jog today, ok not really a proper jog, just trying to stop Ruby from jumping at my legs by jogging :D

I have prepared the chorizo meatballs for tomorrow so just need to chop a bit of veg, fry meatballs and onion and chuck it all in slow cooker before work.  Get me, organised :p

Sal x

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