Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Usual Scrum

Evening all

Its Saturday today so off to lidl I popped for half price mince, only 6 as I was alone, but the queue was unbelievable. I arrived at few minutes before the shop opened and there were 20 people in front of me. That then meant everyone pushing and shoving even though there was plenty to go around. So I waited for a space, I really have no intention of joining them, if I wanted to do that I would play rugby. And the worst thing, it's whole chickens half price next weekend. I will be sure to take a sleeping bag and turn up the night before!!!!!

Today's food

B - sausage, bacon and tomato and onion omelette
T - coated chicken with salad, naughty but nice

I even tried a long walk on the beach today to tire the kids and dog's out. The tide was in so we went to the park instead and it seemed so did everyone else

Still not worked out how to post photos from my phone but I have discovered everything I take on my phone appears on my tablet. That's pretty cool

Have a great weekend

Sal x

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