Monday, 16 June 2014

In true Homer Style I am Drooling

Evening all

As you know my dehydrator has been used a fair bit. I love it. Today I used the egg I dehydrated last night to make omelette, quite impressted but not really something I will do a lot although may be good for baking.  This morning I made bacon jerky. The house smelt devine and the bacon, well, the only way I can truly describe it is 'gert lush'.  I only used the last of the open pack so today (which has been eaten, mainly by me) I bought 3 more packs, and then went out and got another 2. 2 packs are now cooling after being dehydrated. Got my jar ready. And I have also been looking at beef jerky so may start marinating some beef tomorrow.

B - ham, cheese and tomato omelette
L - nothing really I just sort of tasted my dehydrated food
T - chicken with salad

I have eaten bacon and kale crisps this evening, hubby has eaten a family sized bag of normal crisps.

I have briskly walked on both school runs and one of my shopping trips. I will lose the weight.

Am feeling stuffed now, maybe dehydrated food expands in the belly????

Must be time for bed. Have a lovely evening.

Sal x

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