Monday, 30 June 2014

Eeeeekkkkkkkkk It Worked


Ok so Monday last week I weighed 10st 9lbs. Today (after a drunken Saturday night and Slovakian night on Friday) I now weigh 10st 6lbs :D so happy

Here is a piccy of Friday night

I did eat a lot of sweet potato and Saturday I drank lots of red wine, so am well chuffed.

Today has been busy so not walked as much as I should have and been out so not drank as much water but will try harder tomorrow.

B - greek yogurt
L - chicken stirfry
T - fish with salad. And some chicken as the fish was ridiculously small

Oh and before I forget hubby as lost 10lbs. Am really plessed he has stuck to it and this has sperned him on to keep sticking to it.

Sal x

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