Monday, 23 June 2014

Bacon Now Beef

Good Evening

Last week in my dehydrator was beef jerky. I made 2 marinades, honey garlic and teriyaki.  They are both nice but my fav is teriyaki.  Although probability should find a low carb version :o  I was lucky that I bought the frying steak half price and prepared it straight away. It marinated in the sauce for 24 hours so I dont think it mattered having a cheap cut, I did cut off all the fat though.  Must keep my eyes peeled for more reduced beef as I really do love the jerky. Infact I will be making more bacon jerky tomorrow.

Finally it has happened. The hubby has agreed to do low carb. I did try not to look too happy about this, it does mean however I will probably need to be more inventive as he wont live on salads like I will.  I am even making our theme night low carb. This week we are having Slovakian food. I will be replacing the potato with sweet potato and using less, may even add some cauliflower.  I hope it works. And the best bit, I have most of the ingredients in luckily as my shopping budget this week is £20.  £6 was spent today on salad, veg, milk and apple juice for the kids. I think I did well and i didnt deviate from my list. Now to try to stay away from shops for a few days.

Almost forgot, I am trying to walk everywhere and today so did hubby :o I really hope he can stick to it.

Am feeling hopeful.

Sal x

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