Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Naughty, so very very naughty

Evening all

I ate the last of my bacon jerky today so obviously I needed to make more. I didnt write my timings down so I did a quick google and found candied bacon. So in my dehydrator I have candied bacon (bacon with brown sugar on) normal bacon jerky and bacon bits for salad topping. Cant wait for the morning to try it. Yes I know I shouldnt but it sounded so nice.

Hubby doing well, still walking and sticking to it, usually he cant get past day 1. I have managed 3, yes 3, pints of water which is good for me.

Roll on Friday, weigh in day, am feeling optimistic.

B - greek yogurt
L - lamb (leftover from Sunday), chorizo and Mediterranean veg
T - gammon with salad

I snacked on the last of the bacon jerky. And drank loads of water.

So a good day.

Sal x

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