Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ups and Downs


Its been a funny few weeks. Put on weight, lost weight, put it back on. Been bad, been strict and as of today I am back to needing to lose a stone.

I am also doing a 30 days abs challenge on facebook. I am ok so far but it does hurt so not sure I am physically able to complete it but I will try. I am walking loads and last week was so strict and still didnt lose.  Very disheartening.  But I need to pick myself up and tell myself what I would tell someone else, keep going, you can do it, etc etc.

A bit of exciting news (I find it exciting, not sure anyone else does) I got a dehydrator.  I love it. I only got it last week and have already made apple, apple and cinnamon leather, banana chips, kiwi, pineapple and currently in there cucumber seasoned with chilli and garlic.  Cant wait to try them.

I have had some really nice food in the past few weeks, I made low carb mexican casserole for mexican day we had saturday, even hubby has cooked me low carb food. In honour of the football, this Saturday we are eating brazilian food. I have already found 2 low carb mains, salad and will do a carby side for the family.  Oh and my low carb mexican casserole beat hubbies main and didnt last long. :D

I am getting better at omelette pizza, hardly broke this one :D

These are hubby's low carb meals and yes I know they are high carb for me but he did try.

And this is mexican night

So busy, eating good food. Just need to keep it up. Must check on my cucumber :D

Sal x

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