Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Just The 5 Today

Evening all

It was very cloudy today so plans to play water bomb cricket were put on hold. Instead we walked to 2 different parks and to lidl. Managed 5 miles. Aiming for 6 tomorrow ;-)

B - bacon and stilton, dehydrated peppers and dehydrated tomatoes omelette
L - ham and coleslaw
T - gammon, salad and coleslaw

I know I am eating a lot of coleslaw but I need to eat it before it goes off. The sourkrout is going well, but that will last longer anyway (a few months) so wont be for nearly every meal.

Going to try to beat 6 miles tomorrow although the kids will hate me lol but on the plus side my youngest is asleep as soon as is head hits the pillow :D

Sal x

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