Saturday, 19 July 2014

German Food

Evening all

Ok, so I was a bit naughty with tea, it was German night and we had schnitzel,  sauerkraut and potato and bacon salad.

Obviously I didnt eat the potatoes. But I am really impressed with the sauerkraut I made this afternoon, will find a proper recipe for it and make more.

B - greek yogurt with blueberries
L - omelette with cheese, salami, onion, dehydrated toms and dehydrated pepper.
T - German night

My secret weapon arrived today. We are down to 1 car so when hubby starts work on Monday we have to walk everywhere. The plan is walking to the beach, around half an hour, taking the dogs and a picnic in this my secret weapon,  my new backpack. Lots of walking.

Am looking forward to next week.

Sal x

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