Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Six Miles

Evening all

School holidays means entertaining kids. Hubby has the car which means walking everywhere.  So my day consisted of walking. Managed 6 miles today :o Am aching now and its onky going to get worse tomorrow. But we did manage to walk to shop (ice cream was the bribe) and then we walked to the beach, paddled, walked some more, picnic, paddled and walked before walking home.

B - breakfast casserole
L - peperami - wasnt really hungry as huge breakfast
T - chicken fajitas woth homemade coleslaw and salad

I bought a huge cabbage yesterday for 49p and used it to make a huge amount of coleslaw and 2 jars of sourkrout. Its surprisingly easy, cabbage and salt! Need to wait a few days to see what its like.

Think I need a nap lol

Sal x

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