Monday, 7 July 2014

And back on it goes

Evening all

Yet again real life has gotten in the way, my 3 lb loss from last week has piled straight back on again. But it was worth it. We went to Silverstone to watch the grand prix, it was amazing, we had such a brilliant time. I stuck to low carb with food but may have over indulged on the cider and wine front. Ah well, back to it today.

B - greek yogurt with strawberries
L - stilton omelette
T - chicken with salad

I did manage a fair bit of walking at the weekend but largely due to the VIP shuttle parking 2 miles away from the entrance so we had to much to hubby's disgust :D I even managed to get him to walk back to the campsite on the sunday, 5 miles :o

Still tired from the drive and the weekend shenanigans so an early night is in order.

Sal x

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