Friday, 25 July 2014

Made It


Well we did it, 7 miles today which consisted of 3 parks, 1 skate park (that was a disaster) and lidl. I am so tired. Had to keep moving when we got home otherwise I would have fallen asleep.  I think the weekend will mostly be not walking and back to it next week.

B - omelette and bacon
L - ham salad and coleslaw
T - omelette pizza piled high with cheese, meat and veg

I am going to have  glass of wine when the kids go to bed £3.99 in lidl chardonnay so hopefully not too bad carbwise and taste wise.  And we are celebrating hubby's first week with him being told they have had lots of positive feedback. So thats good.

Why are the kids still awake, she should be knackered!!!!!!! Like me :o

Sal x

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