Thursday, 17 July 2014

In My Defence......


So my birthday festivities are over.  I have indulged rather more than I planned but in my defence my husband made me a cake. The first ever cake he has cooked me in 15 years of being together

How can I not eat this masterpiece.

So its all over now. Foodwise back on low carb, alcohol wise tomorrow is friday and we still have some cider left from last weekend. Sunday will be no alcohol until the following friday at earliest, mil visiting so i think I may indulge.

I have ordered a backpack. Now that hubby working from monday and we are down to one working car, I think days at beach with dogs and football and of course a picnic, hope it arrives soon. Lots of walking, playing football and mucky tired out kids, what more do you want during school holidays. Am looking forward to it.

Sal x

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