Saturday, 8 December 2012

I do like chicken nuggets


My daughter is still ill.  She couldnt even manage her tea today which was chicken nuggets so i had to eat them.  Although a few hours earlier she was bounding around perfectly find at a xmas party. lol

B - bacon, eggs and tinned toms
L - chicken salad
T - chicken nuggets and salad (as i ate my daughters I didnt bother with my actual tea)

Snacks - none

Drinks - 3 cups of tea, 1 pint water and a glass of wine

Exercise - none, not even cleaning

Joints - fingers aching

Asthma - bad this morning but I forgot to take my inhaler

Lidl have mince half price this weekend.  I got there at 8.30am and they had sold out :o so will try and go again tomorrow when they open.  If not, I had better start looking out for whoopsies.

Sal x

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