Monday, 3 December 2012

Can a Chip Really Cause So Much Pain??????

Evening all

Gosh, I have a lot of catching up to do.  We went to visit family for the weekend and Friday night I had chips.  I have spent the rest of the weekend with really bad stomache pain and only now started to feel ok.  Could the chips have caused it? 


B - omelette
L - ham and salad
T - battered sausage and chips (was forced into it - more fool me for letting them)

I also have a few beers.

My asthma was bad this evening.


B - bacon and egg
L - steak and salad
T - KFC - i had the chicken and coleslaw

I had 1 pint and 2 glasses of wine

My asthma was bad all day.


I ate roast chicken with mayo for lunch and that was all I could manage due to the pain.


B - nothing, still in pain
L - nothing, still in pain
T - 3 sausages, pain almost gone now

Drinks - tea and water

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

So even though I had a brilliant weekend, I have been in quite a lot of pain and the chips certainly were not worth it.

Sal x

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