Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Confession Time - 2 Creme Eggs :o

Evening all

I was struggling a lot last night.  Didnt help with the amount of chocolate I bought for the kids.  I ate 2 cadburys creme eggs.  How sweet are they, I used to love them but they are sickly now.  Which I suppose is a good thing........

B - none, forgot
L - ham and cheese salad
T - you remember that lasange thing I made the other week.  well, i had that and it was just mushed up in the pan.  Really need a microwave lol.  with a salad.

Drinks - lots of cups of tea

Joints - ok today

Asthma - ok

I spent and exciting afternoon watching the budget.  For the last few years I have watched it and think this is the first time I have thought, that doesnt really apply to me.  Obviously the fuel duty not going up is good but other than that, it doesnt effect me.  Even when the new £10k allowance comes in (saving £2 a week) it wont really notice as i dont earn enough to pay tax myself and that is assuming they dont drop the high income bracket down too far to effect hubby.  Things are just going to get so much worse before they get better.  Its the September budget I am worried about.  :(

Ah well, hopefully good things will happen soon.

Sal x

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