Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wine Tasting Tonight :D

Evening all

We had a wine tasting this evening.  A lovely man turned up at 7pm and for the next hour gave us a taste of about 10 different wines and then tried selling us a case of 12 for £179.79 :o  Now, you cant deny the quality of the wines, the difference between the and supermarket wine is absolutely astounding.  And if I have that much money I would love to buy a crate but until then, its supermarket rubbish.  And did I tell you the bargain I got today. Asda speciality wine reduced to £3 a bottle.  And its not too bad! :D

B - Cheese and ham omelette
L - pate, cheese and salad
T - chicken and salad

Drinks - tea, water and lots of different wine and now my Asda £3 wine.  Might get more of that tomorrow. :D

Joints - fine

Asthma - ok

That real wine has made me feel quite tired.  Wonder if the rubbish wine will wake me up......

Sal x

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