Wednesday, 13 March 2013

One of those Doh Moments

Evening all

My eldest had been nagging for lasagne for a while now so I made one.  The only problem is no one else wanted it.  So I made lasagne for ds1, I had low carb lasagne, hubby and dd had cheesy pasta using white sauce that I made for lasagne and ds2 had red pasta made from the mince for lasagne, they all think I made a huge effort without realising I didnt :D  There were leftovers so I made myself another low carb lasagne in one of those plastic microwave meal things.  Layered it up and everything.  But then DOH I dont have a microwave!!!!!

B - cheese omelette
L - gammon and salad
T - low carb lasagne

Drinks - cups of tea and water

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Not got a clue what to have for lunch tomorrow.  No more salad and want something hot I think.  Will end up being loads of stuff shooved in a pan probably.  We will see.

Sal x

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