Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dentist - Ouchie :(

Evening all

Today was the family visit to the dentist.  Ever since I was young I have hated these visits and am now at 30 something terrified of them.  Obviously I don't want the kids being like this and we have a great dentist who does try to put me at ease but due to previous dentist drilling for a filling with no aesthetic and without telling me I am still scared.  So today, all I needed was cleaning, which he did then as I think he knew I wouldn't be back for it.  I could feel myself getting agitated and starting to panic as some of the cleaning was quite painful.  Afterwards hubby told me that he pulled something long and red from my teeth that looked like a nerve!!!! :o  It couldn't have been otherwise I would have been in more pain so what was it that he disposed of very very quickly?????????????

Kids all did well though and teeth fine. :D 

B - yogurt
L - ham and cheese salad
T - chicken and salad

Drinks - lots of buckets of tea

Asthma - ok

Joints - ok

Everywhere I look in the house it depresses me.  Every single room needs to be sorted out and is piled with clutter and junk and ebay stuff.  When the kids are back at school I will be sorting and moving for the decoration that will start the following week.  Am dreading it but when its done I will have a nice living room, dinning room, bathroom then we can start working on the kids bedrooms, our bedroom, hallway and finishing touches in kitchen that never got done 5 years ago when we had our new kitchen which sadly now looks like we need another one (which is why the company went out of business).

Sal x

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