Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Was Good Considering............

Evening all

How good can you be when you make chocolate cake, not just any chocolate cake, but sandwiched with and then covered in chocolate butter icing with smarties on top.  I had a few crumbs and what was left on the knife after cutting the kids slices.  I think that was pretty good going considering how absolutely delicious it is.

B - yogurt with 1 dried apricot
L - cheese and chorizio with home made coleslaw
T - chicken in sweet chilli sauce with salad

I did have some scrapings of choccy cake as well.

Drinks - 4 cups of tea and pint of water

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Well the nosespray seems to be working until the anti histamine pills kick in and I have not needed a tissue all day :D  That has to be the first time for ages. :D  I do still feel a bit mucusy (for want of a better word) but at least I am not sniffing or blowing my nose constantly. :D 

Have a good evening (I will be going to bed soon so as I don't get tempted by the cake lol)

Sal x

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