Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I Really Hope Cheese at Night does not mean Nightmares lol

Evening all

I have had such a busy day.  All morning (and yes, I do mean all morning, 3 hours to be presise) I sorted through my paperwork and coupons, mostly coupons, putting them in date order and cutting them out and sorting out my shopping list(s) for tomorrow.  Then I did the ironing and after that was finished I had a governors meeting (maybe my last one) and then took kids to their club.  Didnt have time to have tea as had to pick kids up and by the time I did that hubby decided he wanted cheese and crackers so I had cheese and salad so I had to go out and buy it.    So have only really just finished tea and I did have lots and lots of cheese.  I had roulle, st agur and cheddar with black paper and very nice they were too.

B - Lots of greek yogurt, too much, felt really bloated afterwards
L - ham, chicken, cheese and salad
T - cheese, cheese and more cheese and salad

Drinks - I have lost count of the cups of tea I have had today

Joints - ok

Asthma - played up a bit but I did have a faceful of dust earlier

I could well have a long walk tomorrow, hubby has my car and is dropping me into work but looks like I will be finding my way home.  I recon an hour and a half to walk it :o  Just think of the exercise :D

Sal x

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