Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Treated Myself Today

Evening all

I have actually spent money on me today, on low carb food.  I went to lidl and got stilton that was on offer, the lidl verion of St Agur which was whoopsied, some whoopsie lidl verion of peperami and some full price :o dried apricots.  I know these arent low carb but they arent that high and they have the cancer fighting properties that cooked tomatoes do so I am going to have 1 a day.  Then I went to Tesco and spent £3 on veg (75p off), salad that was on offer anyway and got 75p off, and got fruit for kids and a melon for me and got £1 off.  :D  I like coupons :D

B - yogurt
L - cheese and chorizio with salad
T - sirloin steak with lidl's version of st agur melted on top with a huge salad (who says you cant eat good food on a budget)

Drinks - 3 cups of tea and 1 pint water

joints - ok

Asthma - ok, had my check today and mentioned that my hayfever set it off so went back and saw doctor and got tablets to be taken every day, nose spray and eye drops.  Lets see if they will work :D  Thank got for prescription prepayment cards :D

Have a good evening

Sal x

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