Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Its Here, Its Here, Its Here, Its Here :D

Evening all

I got my X5 steam cleaner today.  Its great, I love it.  After I got it I cleaned the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, rest of bathroom and kitchen sides.  Hubby got me the extra packs of cloths and bag/brushes, so I have a brush cleaner for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and oven.  They are all different colours so I dont use the wrong ones. :D  Going to have a go at the carpet tomorrow and see how it does even though we are getting a new carpet in a month or 2 lol and then cleaning the oven and the bathroom again and then anything else I have time to do :D

B - yogurt
L - chicken and ham salad
T - taco seasoned mince with coleslaw

Drinks - a few cups of tea and 1 pint of water

Joints - ok

Asthma - ok

Is is wrong that all I can think about is cleaning???????????

Sal x

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