Sunday, 19 May 2013

Not The Weekend We Had Planned :(

Evening all

Hope you have all had a good weekend, we went to my sisters static (The Lodge) again.  Not quite what we had planned, I was expecting long walks and kids playing out on their bikes.  Stupidly I forgot their colouring/puzzle books and board games so we did have a few "I'm board" moments.  When we got there we went to the entertainment as the kids had been in the car for a few hours so they danced and got up on stage and won some balloon dogs.  On Saturday they managed a few hours in the morning on their bikes before it rained.  Luckily the place showed Brave so we went to watch that in the afternoon.  And today the kids managed a few more hours on their bikes and we walked to the duck pond to feed the ducks but there were no ducks there so we wandered around looking for ducks before going back to duck pond to just throw the bread in it for the ducks later and they all appeared, must have been waiting for food :D.  It was a good weekend but would have been better with no rain.

Foodwise, not good.  I wasnt bad bad but we got nibbly food which was highish carb and that has caused me stomache problems.  So next time, lots of veg/salad and I think I will get melons and grapes as a treat rather than what I have been eating.  So lesson learnt especially as I spent both nights on the sofa due to not being able to lay down from heartburn so obviously not ideal!

Does make me think though, if eating things with breadcrumbs gives me really bad stomache and heart burn problems, what is in it that makes it hurt so much.  I will not make that mistake again, real food now even when we go away.

Sal x

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