Monday, 13 May 2013

Not stopped today


I have had a busy day today, working, then kids etc.  NO housework, that is keeping for tomorrow.

B - yogurt
L - ham, chicken and cheese with salad
T - chicken with  a medley of roasted veg

Drinks - not enough

Joints - fingers aching a bit, been slipping back into having tomatoe every day in my salad as I was not getting any pains

Asthma - ok

Am a bit excited now, have you seen the advert on the tv for the X5 steam cleaner.  Well, its arriving tomorrow, cant wait, want to do the whole house and hoepfully it will be here early enough for me to do that.  And even though we are getting new carpets I really want to see if it does help with the carpet as well :D 

Sal x

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